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I was a victim of an (denied medical attention) situation,with an police department & E.M.T.s...where i was told i didnt need medical attention,But i was then transferred to the county jail where they did not accept me do to my injury,I was then transported to 2# different hospitals where x-rays showed glass & other foreign bodies inside my leg,The result have left me with no feeling in my left lower leg & the last 3# of my toes has lost feeling,along with no standing for  short periods of time.I have followed up on my injury,I still have glass & problems still with my leg at this moment..How do i go about taking care of my situation the proper way?

What city and state are you in? You may have a case if the failure to treat aggravated your injury in some manner. This would require the opinion of an expert doctor.

Be aware that every state has short time limits called Statutes of Limitations and if you do not file within that period you cannot recover.

Further, if the claim is against the public entity (police department) there are Claims statutes that need to be complied with in almost every state. They are very short.

When did this happen?

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