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Medical Malpractice/goretex mesh hernia repair


this mesh was used on my intestine in 2007 .i have had nothing but problems many trips to er suffering with pain fluid build up in stomach had to be pumped out and stomach opened back up .afterward still continued pain fluid in pelvis had to be drained several times now bowel obstruction , family doctor say he never seen anything like this .i know theres someone out there who can help .can u direct me to them what should i do. suffering

Sandra:  I can tell  you exactly what to do.  I am involved with the mesh litigation.  I can't fix your medical problems but I can obtain compensation for you.  Here is what you do:  As soon as possible, obtain from your surgeon or better still, the hospital where the mesh operation was performed, get copies of the medical records.  Call the Medical Records Dept. of the hospital and tell them you want the complete chart from the the hospitalization when the mesh was implanted.  If you have had surgery to remove the mesh, we would need those records as well.  If all of your medical events were at the same hospital, just ask for the complete record.  We need to know exactly what mesh was used (brand, serious number, type, etc.) and what happened to it.  Give me more information and ask further questions directly to me at  Tell me where you are located and how I can contact you.  I will never ask you for any money.  If you have a mesh product that was recalled and have had lots of problems with it, you may be entitled to major compensation.  We need to know exactly what mesh it is/was and that would be in the surgical records. Get those and get back to me.  Glenn Dorfman


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