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QUESTION: A  91 year old patient was discharged from an acute care hospital to a skilled nursing facility.  
Upon arrival, patient was to be on 15 liter oxygen supply and a bipap breathing machine.
At this time it was discovered nursing facility did not have the proper adaptor on the bipap machine
to supply the oxygen to the bipap system and thus the patient. Thus, the  patient was only placed on the oxygen at 11:30 pm at night.Vitals at this time were recorded and were in normal limits as was Oxygen saturation of the patient. Come 9AM the next
morning, a family member entered the patient's room at the nursing facility and found the patient struggling to breathe.
It was then noticed that the supply level on the oxygen tank was at ZERO.  It is unknown at this time how long the oxygen
supply had been depleted.  Nurse shift change was at 6AM. According to records, there is no record of vitals being taken
on the new shift change. As a result of the inability  to have sufficient oxygen, 911 paramedics had to be called
and the patient was taken to the ER and placed on a ventilator.

It is possible the patient was off the needed oxygen for as many as three hours due to the nursing staff neglecting to
check on the patient.  Is there a case of medical negligence?

ANSWER: There likely is a case of medical negligence but probably not enough damages for an attorney to become involved in it. Nursing Home cases are very expensive to process.

TO be sure, contact an Arizona attorney who specializes in Nursing Home Law.

Be aware that there are short time limits involved in every state so do not delay.

Ed Smith
Sacramento, CA

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QUESTION: Are potential damages limited due to older age of patient and/or
due to expenses to process? Why are they expensive to process?
Could damages include emotional distress on family? amounts billed to insurance?  Thank you.

Due to age AND expensive to process. In these cases, patients have usually been in nursing home for extended period of time and ALL these past records need to be obtained. Cost of past records alone can be in the thousands of dollars.
Then, experts to review all the records and state why standard of care not met..more thousands.

Only thing to recover for is usually the emotional distress of the victim..not the family.

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