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Medical Malpractice/broken back not seen on x ray, mri, floroscopy procedures


Over two years I had 2 MRI x-rays and 5 fluoroscopy procedures. After being seen by 3 different Dr in the same practice each one wanting to start over I demanded to see the surgeon in the practice. conservative measures did not work and I had gotten worse not being able to walk more than 50 feet. During surgery as soon as he opened me up he saw that I had a healing conservative-lateral pas fracture with a floating gill. He stated it did not show up on the imaging including cat scan I never had. How is this possible. Now after insurance has paid its part I am being billed $33000.00 my responsibility. It will take the rest of my life to pay this off. Is it that difficult to see this type of fracture?

Sorry. I am a lawyer. I did not go to medical school.  I did not train in radiology.  No lawyer can answer your question. Only a radiologist can answer.  Good luck.

But even if all of the radiology had found the problem and made the correc diagnosis, you would ahave still required the same surgery and treatment, right?  In other words, assume there was malpractice in not discovering the true injury.  What was  your damage? You still had that injury and still needed the surgery you had.  The malpractice did not cause additional injury, right?  Therefore, no harm no foul, no case. Do you understand?  Unless the delay in getting the correct diagnosis caused you a far bigger problem, there is no case.  I am sure of that. Good luck.

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