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I need to know if i have a medical malpractice suit. i took my handicapped 32 year old son to the er because of his stomach petruding out and throwing up. when we got there they put in a iv and gave him fluid and did a abdomen xray. the doctor came in and i told him he had problems with constipation his whole life. he said he needed to be admitted to keep and eye on the dehydration. they did not do anything else that night except give him fluids. oh yea they gave hi zofran for was 12 that afternnon when the doctor came in and he told me that his blood count looked good and so they would send him home if he could hold down his lunch. he had vomited that morning so they gave him more zofran. he held down the little bit of lunch he ate and they told me he could go home. i took him home and that night he passed away. the preliminary autopsy says he died of intestinal volvurus. what i want to know is they did not address his stomach at all. the doctor after i told him about his stomach ordered 2 enemas. no more xrays to see if it was better. the initial ones showed full of poop and gas. when the doctor came in he did not even look at his stomach. i am not sure what to do i know they did not do all they could have but i do not know if i have grounds for a suit. thank you for your response

Lisa: This sounds to me like a something that should never have happened. The radiologist should have seen the volvurus (maybe) and the symptoms should have caused the doctors to look for the problem and resolve it.  The Statute of Limitations for the case is two years. You did not say when this happened.  I definitely think YES, YOU DO HAVE GROUNDS FOR A SUIT.  You should start calling lawfirms in your city that handle medical malpractice cases.  If you want me to find a good one for you, let me know.  Write me directly at  I am very sorry for your loss that may have been preventable.  Only a doctor investigating the entire case can say so.  

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