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The mesh that was used for an incision hernia repair has caused some severe health problems for me, which included three hospital stays and two surgeries in 2012. I am still recovering from an incision where a piece of the mesh caused infection in the incision with daily dressing changes.  I lost my job because of it. Do I have a legal case?

Elizabeth: You may very well have a valuable claim against the manufacturer of the mesh.  There are class action lawsuits going on right now that you may qualify to join.  Here is what you must do:  Contact the hospital where the mesh surgery was done.  Obtain a copy of the Operative Report/Surgical Report.  With those records determine the full identification of the mesh implant.........manufacturer, product name, Lot number, serial number and date of implant.  Provide that information to me and I will be able to tell you if you have a case or not.  No cost or obligation to you.  Tell me also where you live.  Town and State. Glenn Dorfman.  If you have/had thge Bard Kugel Hernia Patch in particular, let me know asap. You can contact me directly at

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