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"Hello,November last year I was diagnosed with an abscess on my liver.I received antibiotic treatment through a peripherally inserted central catheter(picc line).This was for a period of 6 weeks.3 days from the end of my treatment the braun pump used to administer the antibiotics kept bleeping high pressure 4 times in total.At the end of the treatment the line would not flush, 2 nurses tried(there was to much pressure on the line/syringe for it to be flushed then they called the on call house registrar,he applied exerted excessive pressure through the syringe and the line  flushed,(I have later researched this procedure and found you should not exert to much pressure on picc line when flushing:the pressure could mean a blockage/clot in line as could possibly push clot or blockage back into the vascular system).2 days later my arm was showing signs of discoloration I highlighted this to the Dr's & nursingstaff,theY disregarde my concerns,  2 days later i awoke in the middle of the night in excrutiating pain with my right forearm swollen  I  rushed to A&E in excruciating pain,I was initially treated for a blood clot,but 5 hours later was diagnosed with compartment syndrome and told if I had waited a few hrs later I would have lost my arm.I had an emergency operation(fasciotomy) to save my arm.I had a second operation 2 days later,i was booked in for a third was just before this that I collapsed short of breath in pain,I was rushed to intensive care ,a cat scan & ultrasound revealed clots in my subclavial & axhillary veins & 2 clots in my lungs(pulmonary embolisms)was very ill.My arm is still not recovered,I have been off work for 6 months so far,I am in constant discomfort and pain,on warfarin.Could the above been avoided,Has the lack of care,knowledge of procedure,lack of training with nursing staff led to the above list of medical complications,and have I a right to claim

Thomas: I am mobile right now and will not attempt detailed answer......I am a lawyer and not a doctor in any event and only a physician could answer. But I am a lawyer in the USA and the UK rule, laws and the entire system is very different  .i have no idea whether you could sue or seek compensation even if negligence and malpractice is assumed. Seek out legal advice in theUK. Good luck

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Thirty-four years experience handling cases involving auto accidents, trips and fall, fires, dog bite,medical malpractice and defective medical product cases with particular emphasis in 2012 and beyond with the DePuy ASR (Johnson&Johnson) defective hip implant cases. Twenty-five years of experience with defective IUD issues as well

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