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Medical Malpractice/uterine and bowel damage


Hi Glenn,

I received a D/C abortion at 6 weeks. I shared my previous history of endometriosis and menstral pain and my Doctors  information. After the proceedure I developed a very high fever and continual bleeding. When I called the clinic, they were dismisive of my symptoms and claimed it was not due to the abortion but my previous pervic disfunctions. I had only ibprofen to take and asked for antiotics. I was told OVER THE PHONE that I did not need anitbiotics. I called the next day stating that my symptoms have not improved and I was in a lot of  pain. I was shuffled to different people and the doctor was again dismisive and said to call my doctor to take care of that. My GYN doctor did not know about the abortion but when I called his office I was told that the clinic where the abortion was performed needs to take care of this matter. After calling the abortion clinic again and being dismised I called my GYN doctor back who said to go the ER immediately When I got to the ER my doctor ordered a vaginal ultrasound and CT that revealed I had a perforated utertus and several large pockets of infection that if werent enclosed would have caused me have a systemic infection which is life threatening. I was told it was a very serious infection and was hospitalized for eight days.
Since then, I have had repeated gastorintestinal pain, colitis inflamation and IBS symptoms in addition to excruciating menstral related pain, heavy bleeding and infertility. Although I had endometriosis related pain and bleeding, my fever and infection symptoms immediately after my abortortion  should have been addressed by the abortion clinic sooner. My gastrointesinal symptoms were not present until after this  mistreatment and it was clear, while being hospitalized  that the abortion clinic doctor knew she was wrong. She called my room and even came to bring me flowers after receiving a upset call from my doctor that he had one of her pt in the ICU with a serious infection!!!!!

The fact that you claim "infertility" tells me that all of this happened longer ago than just recently.  There is a time limit, called the Statute of Limitations, usually between 1-3 years. Doesn't matter what happened.  If you are beyond the time period, there is no case.  Determine your Statute by googling >>>>>>>>>>[name of your State] statute of Limitations medical malpractice".  Anyhow, although you did not receive the best of care and a lot of your pain and suffering might have been prevented with more attentive care, the fact of litigation is.........there has to me a very clearly defined incident of malpractice where any other doctor would say "what they hell was that doctor or ER thinking?  they should have known Amber needed xyc but they just missed the diagnosis and correct treatment and were neglectful and all of this has caused Amber server and possibly permanent injury".   I am not sure, based on what you have described, that you can meet that test. Check on the Statute. If it is too late, as I have said, it doesn't matter what happened and how you are today. Cruel but true.

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