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I really never had bad experience in this hospital but my 3 year old son had his tonsils and adnoids removed on Monday April 1 2013, simple surgery I thought his surgery took about hour or lil longer they called us back to recovery to see my son he was a lil fussy due to just coming out of surgery the nurse had given a injection through his iv for pain not to sure name of it but I do know he had just came from surgery not even hour before he had just been given pain supository as well as pain medication through iv after surgery we were waiting for a room because they wanted to keep him over night which I really liked the idea of that considering he is only 3 years old well within I want to say 30 minutes of being in recovery they had gotten us into a room down stairs we got settled into his room it wasnt 15/ 20 min I walked out to check to see if my parents were in surgery waiting room not even 5min out his room I just gotten off elevator when I heard a code blue to my sons room over intercom I ran to his room meeting up with lots of nurses n Dr in my sons room they told me he was gonna be okay he was overmedicated and they had to reverse him so my question is , is this normal or is this something that should not have happen ?

What a frightening situation. My God.  It never ceases to amaze me why people ask medical questions of lawyers.  A lawyer can't answer your question. A doctor needs to answer it.  If a lawyer finds it an interesting case, the first thing we have to do is get a doctor to answer the question........and in this case, your question can't be answered until the record of what happened is reviewed.  How much medication was given over what period of time. Your question cannot be answered with that information.  I presume you want to know if you have grounds for a medical malpractice case.  Answer is this: if your boy made a full recovery and no harm done by the alleged over-medication, there is no case whether or not it should have happened.  If there is any sign of long term injury, there very well could be a malpractice case.  I hope it isn't the case with your son but if he has been truly damaged/injured, then by all  means, see a med mal atty asap. The atty will get the records and have them reviewed by an expert to see if the standard of care was violated.......but even it there was malpractice, there is no case with very serious damages.

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