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5 years ago i had my last child, I have had 5 deliveries all of which i had Epidurals. With my last pregnancy my son was 1 month early. I was given an epidural and as soon as they injected the needle i had this Shooting Pain from my Heart shoot straight up to my Head and it was like something POPPED in my head. I immediately had a headache and then i threw up during the surgery. After delivery i had a MRI done on my back because i was still in pain in my back and numb in my buttocks area. I was told that i have a disc out of place in my back and i can feel it when i touch my back. No one at the hospital has said anything like "it was there fault, they messed up", Nothing. I had a MRI done before I delivered my last child and i did NOT have a disc out of place and no back problems until i had my last child. Which turned out to be A C-Section delivery, A Transfusion & hysterectomy. I am now on State Disability and i can't lift anything, i have neck & arm problems stemming from this. What can I do???

First of all, even if you were seriously injured by medical malpractice, it is far too late to do anything about it.  The Statute of Limitations (time period in which you have to file a claim)  varies from State to State and they are usually 1-3 years but I know of none where it is 5 years.  You can google it as follows:  [name of your State] statute of limitations medical malpractice......... to see what it is in your State.  But even if it happened last month, an epidural cannot make a disc be out of place.  An epidural is no more than a needle going into the space between your vertebrae.  It can injure a disc or cause it to herniate unless they put the needle into the disc by mistake.  But in any event, it is far too late to sue. You can't do anything legally.  In any event, I am currently specializing in representing persons who have had to replace DePuy metal on metal hip implants.

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