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Oh boy, where do I begin.. I have had two boys, two years apart, both delivered by C-section. My first was an emergency C Section and my second I felt pressured in having another C section since they do make you feel like its the best way to go... Any who the  problem started right after my last C-section. I had the Paragard IUD inserted about three months after having the baby and that's where I feel it all started. I bleed heavy, changing my pads every hour with huge blood clots for almost two months. Doctors had no explanation to why this was happening to me. So he ask me if I wanted it removed and I didn't hesitate since I felt there might have been something wrong. Even after the removal the bleeding wouldn't stop so the put me on BIrth control until it stopped. I believe I didn't get a period for about two months. I feel like my body went through a Menopause state and the doctor ended up prescribing me some hormonal pills to see if it starts again. I then started suffering from PID where some months I will spot on and off then to having a unique pain in my abdominal area.  I tried to have it investigate by going to the ER and my OB GYN complaining about the discomfort and I got diagnose with some many different things each time. One was nerve damage , tubalar leakage and even possible STI. It even made me question my Marriage and still no resolution. I finally in 2012 had a MRI done and discovered I had a mass in a very usually place which was by my Rectus Muscle. He was puzzled and had me do a Cat scan and found multiples, what it appeared to be Endo implantation and referred me to a general surgeon. I thought finally they have discovered where that unique pain has been coming from. Well the General Surgeon performed abdominal surgery and removed a chocolate cyst only from my Rectus Muscle and said I would be okay. He didn't think I had multiples because he compared MRI and CT Scan.Well 4 months later I am again having that unique pain and now he changes his mind and says I may have Endo. I have never in my life had any period problem or have been diagnosed with this and now have this? My husband is MIlitary so we 5 months later moved to Ga. I followed up with my GYN and he offered Hystertomy Andy lepton shots or he even suggested getting pregnant. Well I ended up getting pregnant and ended up having a complete spontaneous miscarriage. I again ended up again in the ER because I have that unique pain in abdominal and again it's sorta dismissed. I believe deep down and truly believe a women's intuition is hardly ever wrong but since this IUD I have had all types of complication. I truly think I won't be able to carry again due to adhesion in my uterine wall and scaring and no one ever warned me about it. I believe something went wrong the day I inserted the IUD and now the are just trying to say its Endo. I have found 5 cases exactly like mines and also the Mirena also has case.

Example- Mirena lawsuit plaintiffs contend that the Mirena IUD device can migrate, or become displaced, after initial implantation, causing further serious complications including uterine perforation, endometriosis (when tissue from the uterine lining begins to grow in other parts of the body), and in some cases even surgically-induced menopause, or hysterectomy, in which all or part of the uterus is removed. Mirena IUD lawyers for the plaintiffs claim that their clients were never adequately warned by Bayer about these risks, and that Bayer willfully exposed patients to injury.

I believe this happen to me and I can pull any past ultrasound, CT Scan and MRI to prove before and after. In addition I found 5 women who coincidental have been also diagnosed after either had it placed ( Paragard not The Mirena ) or removed with Endo. Please help !! I will do anything to help prove my case. My uterus has never been the same since and all I have been put through is pain and suffering.

My advice is that you contact one of the lawfirms handling Mirena cases and talk with them unless you can find some litigation regarding Paraguard and in which case, contact a firm dealing with liability of that particular IUD.  First off, anything happening with Mirena is particular to that IUD. The allegation would be that the Mirena or whatever IUD was either designed and/or manufactured negligently or defectively.  That would have nothing to do with the IUD you had.  I can tell you this:  In the 1980s and 1990s I had about 150 Dalkon Shield IUD cases. That IUD caused PID (which you are familiar with) and there was a specific defect in the IUD that caused it.....the wicking action of the string.  I spent years on those cases, reading everything, listening to the testimony of hundreds of OB/GYNs.  At least back then, it was a very solid and accepted fact by both sides that IUDs have nothing to do with endometriosis. Maybe state of knowledge on that subject has changed but I am not aware of it. In any event, you don't say that endometriosis was ever confirmed.  A look inside by way of laparoscopy would determine that.  Also, you were able to get pregnant after the IUD was removed so that reduces the chances of the IUD having anything to do with your problems way way down.  That fact that you lost that pregnancy couldn't be blamed on the IUD.  The IUD might have prevented pregnancy in the first place by causing PID and scarring the tubes.  Re Mirena, I have had many many calls about migration, perforation, etc. but what does that have to do with your case?  Nothing.  Again, to my knowledge, which is not current on the subject, IUDs in no way can cause endometriosis and also, you to this time do not have confirmation that endometriosis has been your problem.......or at least you don't make that clear to me.  PID is well known to cause all kinds of problems and I would bet that is the cause of what is happening but at this point, we don't even know what the problem is, unless I missed something.  Without even knowing the problem, it would be impossible to blame a cause.  Sorry, I can't help.  Contact lawyers handling current IUD cases.  Good luck

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