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Medical Malpractice/arthroscopic surgery


I got my surgery for a torn meniscus and while on the operating table the surgeon said that due to my arthritis she was going to do micro fractures in order to grow new cartilage, well its been almost 2 years and im still going to therapy and lots of other treatments a nd nothing helps my pain , in a resent Xray results say I have mild arthritis , so can I sue for pain and suffering since in 2006 I had the same surgery to my right knee and 29 days later I was back at work and with this one im even living in a shelter because I cant work and pay my own bills.

Every medical situation is different. The only way you could win against the Dr is if you showed his actions were beneath the standard of care usually employed. The fact that one knee healed better than another would no matter,

Consult a medical malpractice attorney in your city. He will get all your medical records and consider whether he can bring a viable case.

Act quickly as there are short time limits called Statutes of Limitations in every case.

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