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Medical Malpractice/Rotator Cuff surgery


After my surgery I lost the use of my right index finger. that was September 7th 2013.I think it is do to nerve damage during the surgery.

With so little information on what happened surgically, I have no idea if the surgeon committed malpractice.  Here is the test I like to use:  Let's say 10 hand surgeons knew everything about your case.  They knew your problem going in and knew exactly what was done at the surgery.  If say 7 of those surgeons would say something like "what the hell was Kip's surgeon doing?  He should have known better to (not do something the way it was done or, do something the way it was done) and that was really wrong, really careless, really not the way it should have been done, then Kip you might have a case of negligence/malpractice.  That is the liability part.  But the surgeon if you sued would defend saying everything was done WITHIN THE STANDARD OF CARE and by the book but the case was a difficult one and the problem Kip has with the finger is a risk of the surgery that cannot be avoided.  In other words, the doctor does not owe you something just because the surgery didn't go according to plan and the results were not what was hoped for.

You need to find out why your finger doesn't work.  I agree it was no doubt injury to the nerve that goes into that finger.  You need to find out if anything can be done about it.  Ideally you would discuss this with another hand surgeon.  If the problem is permanent and especially if it impacts your occupation you should contact a medical malpractice lawyer in the nearest city to you.  Save time if you already have all the medical records.

NOTE THAT THERE IS A TIME LIMIT.........STATUTE OF file the lawsuit.  It could be as little as one year from the time of injury.  Good luck

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