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My father in law fell and broke his femur on Friday, Oct. 31, 2013.  He went to ER and Orthopedic confirmed and did surgery that Sunday.  In hospital records it shows doctor tried to insert a 13 inch rod but it was too large so he removed it and used an 11 inch rod.  After surgery he came out and said my father in laws femur was broke in 5 places but that was never said when original xray was done on Friday.  We are thinking the surgeon broke it the extra 4 time upon inserting wrong size rod.

Do you think my father in law has a case?

Thank you.

Wow Mat, don't you think you are jumping to conclusions before you really know anything about what was actually going on?  What makes you think that he didn't have multiple fractures from the git go?  Just that you weren't told??? He went to the ER, xrays were taken, you were told he had a serious fracture(s) that needed surgery. Just because they didn't show you the xray and tell you exactly how many problems there were sure shouldn't lead you to beleive that he only had one break in the beginning.  Did they say there was one clean fracture, no other injuries?  I doubt it.  Obviously, the question can be easily answered.  Ask the doctor to show you the original xrays or, ask for a copy of the original xray report.  I have never heard of a surgeon doing what you suggest might have happened.  If you dad has healed up well and getting along ok, instead of thinking the surgeon is covering up some big awful mistake, you ought to send him a 'thank you for fixing up my father" card.  I have spent 37 years suing doctors for doing real screw ups, not imaginary ones.  Based on facts you have given me, that is my take.

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