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Medical Malpractice/Hurt at Chiropracter


I went to Chiropractor seeking relief for lower back pain,after electro muscle stimulation and heat therapy Chiropractor came in to adjust my spine he popped my neck good then he was adjusting my back with a quick thrust down on mid back when he pushed my back popped good but at the same time my upper right rib by arm socket gave me an excruciating pain as I lost my breath. Chiropractor appologized immediately asked if I was OK then told me he may have damaged my rib.In a few minutes I could breath and pain was lessening He told me to call him if pain continued or worsened so he could get me in for an X-Ray.Should I go to ER or wait until morning pain scale at this time is at 8-9.

Whatever the result, this won't be a malpractice case.  The injury won't be worth nearly enough to spend thousands on suing the chiro.  So, I find it odd that this just happened and you seek out legal advice.  Priority should be given to diagnosing the injury.  You likely have a cracked rib or torn soft tissue between the ribs. There is no treatment other than to wrap it up and let it heal on its own.  I would have the chiro take an no charge of see if any injury can be seen. You wouldn't get much help at the ER. They would take an xray, say they see a cracked rib, if they can, and send you away for treatment with your own doctor.  Even if the chiro could be said to have been negligent by doing something way out of the ordinary, which I doubt, and assuming the injury was caused by his malpractice, it is still not near a viable legal case.  Damages must be in the 6 figures to make it worthwhile to anyone as the chiro will fight the case through his insurance company and their lawyers. I bet you will be fine in a few days. Good luck

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