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QUESTION: I am wondering why there seems to be no lawsuits against GoreTex? Are they too powerful or have they not maimed enough people?. I have had two law firms want to represent me, and both firms ( after almost a year with each one) informed  me that they could not represent me, and to find another firm.
I had the mesh for a bladder lift, and six years ago I developed a fistula and had the mesh removed.Nothing has been the same since.I have constant bladder infections and constant pain. I seldom go to a doctor because nothing helps much.I realize that I will live in pain for the rest of my life.I do not blame my doctor at all, but he is angry because I went to an attorney.So I have lost my health and my doctor because Gore Tex had a defective mesh.

ANSWER: Surely the two firms tried to explain why your case wouldn't work.  What did they say?  Not knowing any further details about your case, that is what I would be interested in hearing in order to try to help you with some kind of answer.

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QUESTION: I was asked why two law firms ( after a year with both )decided not to continue with my case. The first one told me they were not pursuing GorTex but did not say why. The second firm declined to say why so I assume it was the same reason as the first firm.I can only assume that GorTex is too powerful or has not harmed enough people.
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Carolyn Calderon

There was a recent trial in W. Virginia of vaginal mesh case (not Goretex).  After a couple of days the Judge through out the case finding that "there was not sufficient evidence that the injury was caused by a defect in the product".  In other words, all medical implants carry some risk that they won't always work just as planned or hoped for.  The plaintiff must present medical, scientific, engineering evidence that there was a particular defect that caused a malfunction that led to serious injury.  The Judge in WV found that the plaintiff did not satisfy that burden.  And for this case to even get to trial in the first place, there must have been thousands of cases about the same product and brand and millions spent on developing all of that evidence.  Apparently this has not been the case with Goretex.  Yes, either not enough women have been damaged by the Goretex  product and/or the techinical evidence has not been developed to prove the existence of a particular identifiable defect.  For instance, with hernia mesh products and those cases now pending, the mesh was like a butterfly with the wings folded up so that it would go in through a smaller incision.  Once inside, a metallic ring opens up the wings and then it is stiched in place.  The defect here is that the metallic ring breaks, comes loose, and damages internal organs.  Get the point?  A particular defect.  I don't know about Goretex.  Google for lawyers anywhere interested in Goretex cases. This will tell you if there are any such cases going.  If there are not, you must be a very rare case.  Good luck

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