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I have a few simple questions for you:  

What is the role of the Risk Manager in a hospital?   Who would normally be the next person in line above the Risk Manager?  What sort of experience and/or training should a Risk Manager have?  What role do they play in preventing unintended surgical outcomes?

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Pablo Durissimo

I am a lawyer, not a hospital administrator who would hire a Risk Manager and have a plan as to what the job entails.  From my perspective of a lawyer who might sue hospitals for negligence, the RM would be responsible to stay up on developements in medicine that could impact the liability of hospitals and then do what is possible to minimize that liability.  Just for an example: let's say research indicated that MRSA (antibiotic resistant infections) could be reduced in a hospital setting by requiring doctors and nurses to change gloves everytime they go from patient to patient (which of course in known to be true). The RM would bring this to the hospital administration and lobby to have a hard rule imposed that this practice be followed.  Ditto with "unintended surgical outcomes".  Bad outcomes occur by the thousands every day even though everything is done by the book.  But if a hospital is getting repeated bad outomes and the cause if learned to be related to a particular cause.........maybe not adequately sterilized surgical devices/tools, the room, whatever, ..............if a common cause can be identified.........which it could be through lawsuits against the hospital, the RM better be on top of that and charged with the job of reducing events.

I suspect that I can be a better help to you if you tell me why you ask such  an broad question.  Did you have a poor surgical outcome?  Tell me about it.  I would be glad to give you my thoughts on your specific situation/. Are you looking to work as a RM?  Just curious.

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