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I had my neck fused july3rd from C4 toC7 when I woke up I could not move my right side hand and leg and I felt like I went through a car accident my right arm hurt so bad . my surgery was supposed to be in and out but it landed me in the hospital for 3 days then to Rehab for 3wks. I am now at home with PT and OT. my other problem that happened besides the right side, my  left side from shoulder to toes went numb. I have a limp right eye that is blurry and I find that tears burn my eyes now, when I cry in pain My body is sensitive to heat and now I am sensitive to the slight chill. I get the leg shacking fast and I freeze up from the cold and it hurts and is scary when it happens. I don't trust my surgeon knows what or why this happened or what he's doing but I have called 4 doctors and no one will see me. how can I also get a new surgeon doctor for my neck  spinal cord injury as the doctor calls it, I also was wondering if I am not pleased with the surgeon and think he screwed why I can't go see someone else for a 2nd opinion when I called 4 different doctors and no one will see me. I also don't know if he's doing good on my follow ups. please help me. would a drop in BP cause any of these after surgery effects on me. Is there anyone else out there this has happened to.

I think clearly the reason why other doctors don't want to see you is that it is too soon after the surgery.  A neck fusion surgery is not "in and out".  It is major surgery.  Other doctors are thinking the symptoms you complain of are probably part of the recovery process.  Consider, what could they do anyhow?  Go back in and re-do the surgery at this early stage?  Of course not.  Also, the surgery in your neck, even if done negligently, couldn't cause problems below your waist.  As you know, the nerves in your nect only control the top half of your body.  At this stage I can tell you this:  There is no legal issue, no point in wasting time contacting lawyers.  It is months too soon to know what the result of the surgery will be and if it is a poor result, why that happened.  Concentrate on getting better. Be patient. Hopefuly things will improve greatly for you. Good luck

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