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Medical Malpractice/revision knee surgery for hardware removal


I had ACL surgery 21 months ago.  Bioabsorbable screws were used.  I have had pain for the past year and figured it took a while to heal. 3 months ago I returned to ortho because pain was so bad...knee swelling and couldn't fully straighten either.  I have a job where I am on my feet all day.  He gave me a steroid shot which caused an adverse reaction leaving a weird pattern of vessels on my leg for weeks.  The pain did not subside.  Mri showed torn medial I do not know because I was inactive for so long.  Had another surgery 2 months ago to repair it.  This is after telling ortho I had pain where the screw was put in.  Apparently he did not check screw during that procedure because a few weeks later the pain was so bad I could not straighten my leg or put in down without pain.  He did another surgery 2 days later(1 month after meniscectomy) to remove hardware to find the screw was in pieces with a hole in my tibia.  Bone grafting was done after pieces were all scooped out.  I am upset about having to have this pain so long and going through more surgery and physical therapy.  It is causing me a lot of depression and my lifestyle has not been the same for the past 21 months.  Should the company that made these screws be held accountable for this?

Very sorry you have had such a difficult problems.  Anyhow, you ask the correct question.  The answer is found by doing the following:  Get your surgical records that document the brand name of the screw, and all other identifying information about it.  Then "google" it and see if any law firms in the country have litigation pending regarding the same product.  If so, contact one of those firms, wherever they are.  If you come up empty then the only other recourse is medical malpractice but your case doesn't seem like a med mal case that a law firm would want to tackle and the time limit may have already expired anyhow, depending on which State you live in.  So google the product.  You would only have legal recourse if hundreds of other people suffered from failure of this particular screw and if there were, some lawfirm would have started work on the case.  If you are alone, nowhere to go.  Good luck

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