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I am 33yrs old and back in Oct 2014 my GYN performed a Hysterectomy saying due to my pelvic pain my Uterus was the cause. I am 4 months postop and have a bladder prolapse. I went back to this doctor and she informed it was a Yeast Infection and everything was just swollen due to that. I did not agree with her diagnosis given the week before the ER told me it was bladder prolapse. I went for a second opinion and it is a bladder prolapse and rectal prolapse. I now have to go to a specialist to have this repaired so more surgery. I was curious on why she took my cervix also so I requested records. According to my Pathology report my Uterus and Cervix were in amazing shape all in normal dimensions and weight. The right ovary that was also taken was the source of the problem. When I asked if the procedure was necessary I was informed yes because the Uterus was enlarged it weighed 148grams a Uterus can weigh up to 200grams! I agree the ovary needed to be removed, but why as a doctor would you take a completely healthy Uterus and Cervix out and now I am having to deal with the after math of that decision and take more time off work pay a couple more thousand dollars and endure another surgery. I am so angry now had she not taken my Uterus and Cervix I would not be going through another surgery and telling me it was a Yeast Infection and just saggy from having children (I have one child), I found that to be just a bunch of BS and I know she knew what was happening I can see it and knew what was happening and I am not even a MD. I trusted this women and now feel like a complete idiot for letting her do what she did to me. I am not looking to get millions out of her, but I do feel she should have to pay for these surgeries and the time off from work. Why did she take if it was healthy???

Angela:  I am retired now but I have lots of experience regarding ob/gyn legal cases.  I want to help you with good advice but need more information.  An abdominal hysterectomy in a 33 year old with one successful birth only is a serious matter.  There must have been a serious diagnosis.  What were you told was causing the pain?  Were you having uncontrolled bleeding?

So what did the Path Report say about the ovary?  Did you have cysts?  Then I can't understand why they did a total hysterectomy.  Or, was there cancer on the ovary?  If so, then it is a very different matter and fearing that cancer could spread to adjointing organs and further threaten your life, the total surgery might have been indicated.

Did you have endometriosis in the uterus?
Did you have any Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (infection)
Did you have uterine fibroids?
Again, did you have cancer on that ovary?

If there truly was no sound reason to do the total hysterectomy and you made it clear that you would have liked to preserve your fertility, then you might have a workable medical malpractice case.  No doctor would do the total surgery in a 33 year old without good reason.  Not that much money involved and no other reason I could imagine unless it had some racial component, you were living on the streets and getting pregnant again would be a threat to you, etc. etc.

There is a 2 year deadline in Virginia to file a case.  Again, I am retired and do this just because I like to help in matters I know a little something about.  If you want further thoughts from me, I want to know exactly from the Pre-op and Admission Summary records what the symptoms and diagnosis were and from the Op Report, Path Report and Discharge Summary what the post-op diagnosis was.  Best way is this:  Get all of those records and transmit them to me by fax, email, even snail mail.  Bypass this AllExperts system.  My contact is:

Glenn Dorfman
225 E. Carrillo St, Ste. 305
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
805-965-6156 fax

or just provide me with more details from those records.  Symptoms you had, the pre and post operative summaries/diagnosis and also the differential diagnosis.

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