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Medical Malpractice/Gore-tex Abdominal Hernia mesh


I saw the answer you posted to a previous gore-tex lawsuit question. I had mine put in 3/24/2005 and 4 years later started having problems with pain and intestinal blockages, It was originally assumed the blockages were being caused by intestinal scar tissue from my common bile duct was reconstructed using a section of my intestine so each time I got a blockage and went to the emergency room I was transported up to John Hopkins Hospital where the reconstruction surgery toke place. I was admitted about 5 times over the next couple years. On my last admittance in 2012 the Dr.Weiss at John Hopkins asked permission to go in and check to see if it was scar tissue causing my problems and to remove some the scar tissue to see it would fix it. I gave him permission and when he went in he found that the mesh had adhered to my intestines and had caused adhesions all over. Dr.Weiss cut all the adhesions and removed as much of the mesh as he could with out having to actually cut the bowl. I did not heal properly and had to wear a wound vacuum pump in attempt to pull the incision closed. I ended up being admitted at least another 4-5 times do to infections and having keloid tissue removed. Dr.Weiss ended up having a double contrast MRI done to find out why I kept getting infections and why it would not heal. The MRI should that there were 2 dark spots. I gave Dr.Weiss permission to do exploratory surgery and he went layer by layer until he found what was causing the spots on the MRI. The spots were caused by 2 pieces of calcified mesh. Once he removed those a started healing. I got some kind of infection that sent my white blood cell count high and ended up being sent home on 2 IV antibiotics. About 2 months later I had skin graph done. Because I kept being admitted to the hospital for infections I was not able to work except a week here or there before I would be admitted again. I was not able to return to work completely until 8 months after the original surgery to remove the mesh. I now have a crater(what daughter calls it) that is about 4"L X 2"W X 1/16"D and cannot feel anything that comes in contact with my abdominal skin(I have burnt a spot on abdomen before and did not feel it.I noticed a blister when was taking a shower.)and I have no belly button(just to give idea where located).But since I have healed completely I have had no problems with blockages. I saw an ad on TV about a lawsuit for a company that makes another version of abdominal hernia mesh and did some research. I found the FDA recalled my type of mesh as well as the other mesh. The type of mesh I received was the Gore-Tex Dualmesh Plus Antimicrobial lot# 03367431 exp.11/06/06. The mesh was put in at Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury,MD where I was living at the time. It was removed at John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD and I was and am still living in Waynesboro,Pa. Can you please advise me of what my options are pertaining to a lawsuit.

Sorry but I do not know of any pending litigation re Goretex and a case such as yours needs the support of hundreds or thousands others. If you can't find anything on the internet under "Goretex lawsuit/lawyers" etc there probably is no recourse. Sorry and good luck

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