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Medical Malpractice/nerve severed during laproscopic hernia surgeryl


I had my illioingual nerve severed during laproscopic hernia surgery and now am listed as permently disabled and have lost my means for income other than social security disability. Talked to lawyer and he said even though it shouldn't happen it does so I have no recourse for malpractice. My biggest problem is the surgeon that did surgery could have fixed issue if he re-operated according to neurosergeon I saw two months later. He told me the doctor could have reattached nerve at most up to two weeks from nerve being severed. He stated it needed to be done asap but because of delay it now can't be reattached. I returned to hospital the evening of operation and was complaining of extreme pain and pain traveling down my thigh. The nurosurgeon I saw said that was the tell tale sign I had an issue that needed to be addressed. The thigh pain should have told the doctor that a nerve was either entrapped or severed. I feel that since the surgeon could have repaired the damage and I could have returned to work and earned a living I should have a case. I went from a 96,000.00 a year to zero right now. SSDI is approved for 2200.00 a month and my mortgage and monthly bills add up to 1800.00 without food or any kind of health insurance and I don't know what to do. Please let me know if there is anything or anybody I can talk to to address the fact it could of been fixed. THANK YOU

First of all, note that in NY you have a 30 month deadline.......Statute of file a malpractice claim.  Without much more medical information and information regarding your damages, loss of earnings (what kind of work were you doing for 96K/year and were you working at the time of the negligent surgery?), how old are you, and many many other points of information to know if you have a viable claim, I will just suggest this:  If you simply google NEW YORK MEDICAL MALPRACTICE ATTORNEY or similar, you will find dozens of listings.  Understand that any mp case is a huge undertaking by the lawyer.  It costs the lawyer 10s and sometimes 100s of thousands in expert fees and lots of litigation costs and months or years of work so there is a big risk and the lawyer you spoke with may not have been well-healed enough to take on such risk.  I will give you the name of a big NY firm looking for good mp cases.  I don't know them at all.  I am in California.  Call the firm of Block, O'toole & Murphey at 800-246-4993.  P,S.  You will be much more likely to get your foot in the door if you call them with your medical records in hand.  If they must order and pay for your records before they even known what story is one-sided and not sufficiently detailed because you are not a doctor.......THEY NEED TO SEE THE MEDICAL RECORDS............they may just not bother with it.  If you have the records, they will probably be willing to look at them.  YOUR CASE HINGES ON WHETHER THAT NEUROLOGIST ACTUALLY SAID AND BELIEVES WHAT YOU SAY HE SAID TO YOU..........THAT THE NERVE COULD HAVE AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN REPAIRED QUICKLY.  IF THAT DOCTOR AND OTHERS THAT YOUR LAWYERS WOULD HIRE WOULD AGREE WITH THAT, YOU MIGHT HAVE A CHANCE.  GOOD LUCK

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