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Medical Malpractice/Mirena IUD Problems


RE: Mirena IUD Problems wrote at 2007-09-04 04:58:25

I am as disappointed in your answer to me as I was with the gyn's response to my symptoms. I don't have endometriosis because I have had a laproscopy and it was confirmed. I know that progestrone can cause weight gain and the Mirena puts progestin directly into my body. I know that hormonal imbalances can cause headaches and I believe my body had an imbalance due to this product. I did not suffer an eptopic pregnancy, PID or anything serious but that is not an excuse for a company produce a product with such side effects and not educate doctors and clearly inform patients.  A non-medical person such as myself cannot understand technical medical terms that the company uses and did not fully understand what would happen to me if I used this product. If I did know, I would not have used it and they would have been out the money for one woman's IUD. It is also my belief that their studies were not large enough to produce accurate results. Finally, you comment about my symptoms being psychological is uninformed, you aren't a medical doctor are you?  I don't think I can psycologically cause these types of symptoms...I would have no reason to. It seems you could say that to anyone with a question you really don't know how to answer. It's OK to just say you don't know even if you are on allexperts!

tigerlily wrote at 2007-12-03 19:07:44
"An IUD cannot cause weight gain, zits, hormone problems, light headedness (unless you are bleeding)or any of those other vague problems you are having. Something else is going on with you.  It may just be psychological.  Fear of the IUD or fear of anything can cause what you perceive as medical symptoms, just as easily as a fake pill or injection can make someone feel better, called the placebo affect. It works in reverse also."

This is completely untrue since the Mirena has a hormone in it. Copper IUD owuld not cause these side effects. It is most likely from the  Mirena IUD.

Michelle wrote at 2008-02-01 20:03:04
I need to respond to this because, while most tradtional IUDs would not cause these reactions, this IUD is DIFFERENT.  It is a contraceptive hormonal IUD.  The steady release of hormones in your body from this device would, in fact, cause lots of reactions.  Messing with hormones, whether for birth control, menopause, fertility, etc. can cause weight gain, zits, moodiness, etc.  So, your answer, while nice to compare to an 80s and 90s traditional IUD and the typical PID associated with it, does not come close to a true response to this person's question.  I suspect there may be or have already been some legal filings related to this contraceptive IUD.

Marie wrote at 2008-03-17 20:57:40
Glen is quite mistaken. If an IUD releases synthetic hormones (like the Mirena does), it certainly CAN cause hormonal problems and all the side effects caused by hormonal imbalance, including weight gain, depression, joint pain, skin problems, fatigue, trouble sleeping, the list goes on. I should know, I've had the Mirena. For you to say " the only side-effects of any IUD,to my knowledge,are" the ones you listed and that any others are merely a placebo affect is not only misinformed, but insulting.

NKat wrote at 2008-03-25 19:47:32
Mirena releases hormones while it is inside of you.  Once it is removed, it does not do this anymore.  No part of it is left inside of you, and the hormones from it are out of your system quickly.  The hormonal symptoms that you are experiencing now could not be caused by the IUD anymore.

Marie wrote at 2008-03-29 00:18:57
While the IUD may be out, the hormonal imbalance it causes DOES NOT go away immediately. That, and it's side-effects, can linger around for months.

friend wrote at 2008-05-28 01:40:25
Mirena releases hormones, it is not a copper IUD.  It releases hormones and can, therefore, cause hormone problems.

Nunya wrote at 2008-06-12 05:10:28
The answer given sounds cut and paste from a press release from the company.  I think it's full of crap and here is why.  The IUDs from way back when were made of copper while the Mirena IUD (actually marketed as an IUC) is plastic and contains a low dose hormone that actually changes your body - hence that is why most women experience a severely decreased if not a complete disappearing of their period.  As with any hormone or chemical foreign to the body which is absorbed to some extent and is carried around in the bloodstream, it only makes the body THINK it is pregnant.  That can't be good.  I have experienced a plethora of symptoms after having the Mirena IUC for 5 years and I am so excited about getting it removed tomorrow that I can barely stand it.  I was going to give it six months to see if the symptoms I am having go away.  I'll keep a record of my progress.  I think a class-action lawsuit would be good to put this company in its place.  If I were looking for a place to start, I would have an examination from a holistic/naturopath physician and get advice from there.  Good luck!

RobynH wrote at 2008-06-21 03:56:58
Whoever wrote that answer is not aware, it seems, that the Merina IUD is a hormone producing IUD and can indeed cause all of the symptoms the patient mentions.  UK studies have shown that the systemic uptake of the hormone is greater than first thought and my current gyno removes 1 in 10 Merinas that she inserts due to side effects.

Chris wrote at 2008-07-14 20:49:32
Ive had the Mirena in now for 1.5 years.  

Over this time, I've had problems never had before:

Migraine headaches - one so bad I had to go to the ER.  

Indoor/outdoor allergies - sick 3 times.  

Becoming very angry and impatient over the last year.   Friends notice change.

Seen more doctors in the last 1.5 years, than I have in the past 10 years combined - Gyne, ENT, Allergist, Nuerologist, family doctor, and dentist - grinding my teeth and now have a stress fracture in bottom molar.

This IUD has levonolgestrol in it - a synthetic progesterone.  Doesnt a drug have side effects.

JR wrote at 2008-08-06 22:35:54
I've had my Mirena iud for 3 years now and have experienced all of these side effects you all have described.  I felt like I was going crazy, I felt like I was the only one out here feeling like this.  I recently spoke with someone who has a Mirena and she described the same symptoms.  I am planning on doing further research and more than likely having it removed.

amason wrote at 2008-08-19 18:04:13
I disgree. I had the mirena IUD and just had it taken out yesterday. The mirena does have hormone in it unlike the copper IUD. IA have been lightheaded, bloated, nausea and just told I have low hypoglycemia which I say is related. My OBG told me that sometimes the body will reject the IUD which in turn can cause symptoms such as milaise which is a general overal feeling of fatigue unwell, and lightheadedness...I hope this helps...

sarah wrote at 2008-08-22 03:38:03
Her symptoms could actually be related to Mirena because it is not just an IUD it also has a hormone that is released and absorbed systemically.  Hormonal changes or imbalances could cause any of the mentioned symptoms.

crystal wrote at 2008-11-13 06:44:29
just to add to this, you are totally wrong. the mirena IUD CAN and DOES cause all of the above symptoms. it releases the levonorgestrel which was the same hormone Norplant released and then was recalled due to the symptoms it was causing. thousands of women have experienced the same symptoms both from the norplant and now from the mirena. please get it removed and hopefully some day they will file a class action suit being that they put out a product that did the same as norplant

jenk360 wrote at 2008-11-25 23:24:45
The last post is not accurate.  It states IUDs cannot cause hormone problems, weight gain, zits, etc.  Not true when it comes to Mirena, which is a progesteron based IUD.

mirena user wrote at 2009-01-13 23:26:31
This is straight bull crap!!!I was always skeptical of people with "anxiety" ,I always thought is was something "weak" people had. Inclucing depression. I HAVE ALWAYS been a strong person emotionally. I had the Mirena inserted about 3 mos. ago. I AM NOW A FRIGGIN' ball of nerves, i pinch myself to stop my attacks. I CANNOT take this anxiety and feeling anymore. I have EXTREME paranoia which i have NEVER IN MY ENTIRE LIFE had! I have made an appt. next week to take this thing out. HOW THE HELL IS IT SO MANY WOMEN HAVE THE EXACT SAME SYMPTOMS?????

I did my research, when i called my dr's office the receptionist made a point to tell me that she has so very many women calling in with the same PROBLEM!!!!! If there is a class action law suit, trust me i WILL be involved! I had been unable to take care of my family because of this!

That P.O.S, who responded last HAS to be involved in the making and process of this contreception. Well, F-U !!!!!!!

Jules1102 wrote at 2009-01-27 01:39:08
I am recenly married and had this inserted due to the fact that regular birth control never worked for me as far as giving me mental health issues, i have history of bad side effects from most birth controls. I was told by the local planned parenthood and they recomended me using this. while getting it inserted they had to leave the room 3 times because they were unprepared for the precedure. I have had nothing but problems since.

I have not had weight gain or weight loss but i have had very bad pains and cramping down there which my NEW PCP says she thinks that they didnt put it in correctly or i need to be tested for diabetes.

I was also told that having this placed can make you infertile after me having it inserted. I have only had it for maybe 8 months but i have severe cramping and bloating.

Getting this inserted i was never once told of the side effects either just want it removed as soon as I can so I can hopefully still have children in the future.

Any class action suite you are willing to go through I would be right there with you. It is absolutely rediculous that we were never informed about the horrible side effects that could not only cause us harm  but our potential children.

K wrote at 2009-03-30 20:46:21
Did you ever think that these symptoms could have been in our head...that you were telling yourself the IUD was doing this to yourself, and so it did?

Just a thought.

MMayo wrote at 2009-05-31 03:04:09
Since I had mine inserted 9 months ago, I have been wishing that I had not. Starting with the isnertion, I had severe (coming-off-of-the-table) pain, which lasted for a little over a week. My periods have been wacko, without any pattern or predictability. Additionally, I have been very bloated, my skin has been breaking out, I have a weird pain in my hip, my toes often go numb, my fingers get tingly, extremely depressed, and (scareiest of all) I have been abnormally dizzy. I attributed the abouve issues to starting a new job, stress, diet changes, etc. but am now really wondering if they are related to the Mirena, since so many others with a Mirena have been having the same problems. I wanted to have it removed but now I think I should, just to be safe. I wish that I had found this info before I had it inserted!!!!!

NJD wrote at 2009-06-16 23:02:07
Glen, I am somewhat disturbed by the generality of your response.  Most appallingly the use of "It may just be psychological".  After countless hours of online research as well as viewing the side effects listed by the maker of Mirena, which contains synthetic hormones, this IUD absolutely can and has caused weight gain, acne issues, and other hormonal imbalances.  In fact, the majority of the "vague problems" the poster listed are the very same complaints by hundreds if not thousands of women posting online desperately seeking answers as to what is going wrong with their bodies since using Mirena.  I have found complaining posts from Australia, the UK and the US about this IUD.  I myself experienced complications to the extent I had it removed 6 months after insertion, and I am now experiencing post-removal complications as well.  I suggest the poster look elsewhere for advice, as your response does not appear to be based on any factual knowledge of the Mirena IUD itself, but rather a general understanding of IUD's and lawsuits from the 80's & 90's.

Melanie wrote at 2009-06-24 21:54:09
Since you are a seasoned attorney I imagine that you are aware of the Mirena having chemicles which release into the body daily.  It is what is in the dosage that makes women sick.  The problem is the chem. mess up the insilin production, messing up the function of the thyroid, and make us gain weight.  When the thyroid is checked, the problem is not the tyroid but rather a result of insilin overload.  Do your research and you will see the validity of a class action law suit.  It is just a matter of time.

KristiD wrote at 2009-06-29 14:40:52
The Mirena IUD can cause those symptoms because it also releases a low dose of hormone (similiar to birth control pills).  If you are sensitive to any other hormonal forms of birth control, then your reaction to Mirena would likely be no different.  When I had Mirenda inserted the first time (I had it removed to get pregnant and replaced afterward), I was given a packet by my doctor which contained a ton of information.  I also read the website prior to my insertion appointment and was familiar with the side effects.  As for the lawsuit, I don't know case they could possibly make.  I'm sure they've thought of something, but I can't imagine what.  I think people forget that all birth control pills, prescription meds, OTC meds and even herbal rememdies have some risk associated with them when you use them.  If thousands of women are having reactions to Mirena, then hundreds of thousands are using it without issue.  And yes, I agree. America is sue-happy.  On the otherhand, I hope all your symptoms go away and you feel yourself again.  I know what it's like to have a bad reaction to medicine.

M.S. wrote at 2009-07-12 11:10:13
I'm not an expert on this subject, but it should be noted that the Mirena is a bit different than other IUD's because it contains and administers hormones while implanted.  There for, it stands to reason that while the IUD itself may not have caused these symptoms, the HORMONES in the IUD could very well have done so.

Again, I'm not a doctor or an expert of any kind, but the effects of hormones on the body is widely documented, and I don't believe this question should have been brushed off so carelessly.

Thanks, M.S.

Alisia wrote at 2009-08-06 20:45:23
The previous answer is incorrect.  Mirena has hormones that are constantly being put into your body.  So, it can cause all of the symptoms you are experiencing.  I am experiencing those symptoms too and its just awful!  If there is a class action suit against Mirena, I want in.

Brittany wrote at 2009-08-06 22:04:04
That funny, my doctor has said all the same things to me.I am experiencing a lot of the same symptoms. I have gained all kinds of weight, I am very bloated all the time. I am also nausea and never know if I am pregnant or not, since i dint have a period anymore. I have gone out and bought water pills hoping that this would help.I have been taking them for the past two weeks and it hasn't made a difference. another symptom I am experiencing is having a lot more mood swings too then normal. At this point I don't know what to do. I am going back and forth between if i should take it out or not. So, to answer your question I would join the class act if i were you.

frustrated wrote at 2009-08-27 05:17:17
I had the mirena iud for 22 months. It was inserted Nov. 2007.  I had it surgically removed Aug. 24, 2009 when I found out I was pregnant and it was ectopic pregnancy.  When the dr. that inserted it went in and removed my right fallopian tube, she removed my right ovary.  I found out the next morning that my right ovary was removed.  I am looking into a suit now.

afaulk wrote at 2009-08-28 01:12:24
I got the IUD in Jan of this year. I hated it! weight gain, bled the entire time, decreased libido..etc..I had it removed mid July. I told the doctor yesterday that I feel like I have alhzimers...memory loss, NO ENERGY! mood skin is dry, WEIGHT GAIN...I look like I'm 4 months pregnant. I have excess peach fuzz on my face-shaving my legs everyday...I have never taken birth control before and thought this would be the answer to my prayers...HA! NOW, I have to go back to the gyno- get all kinds of hormone tests run...which are going to cost a fortune....this is crap! I didn't sign up for all of this! I am in the medical field and I will hire an attorney for at least the medical expenses...including the cost of having the IUD, the cost of removal, the cost of any and all tests associated, and any and all doctor bills...NONE of the literature that I received on the Murina IUC included these potential problems...When I'm done...there will be a law against it! I encourage everyone with these problems to do the same, or contact me!

Michelle wrote at 2009-09-03 22:51:55
The responses here seem to represent a lot of people trusting their own online research rather than facts. Yes the Mirena contains a hormone but not the Estrogen hormone. Different hormones have different effects and that it basic science.

We all want answers but like one poster said, hundreds are having issues but that means that thousands are not. Many of us can be experiencing symptoms from other things and instead of looking for real answers, are making assumptions. I have a lot of the same symptoms and I've NEVER had any IUD? So who do I blame?

I think the original responder was right in regards to the psychological effect. The fact that you are even on here like this demonstrates anxiety.

This whole discussion reminds me of the anti-vaxxers. Be smart and stop looking for ultimate answers (or what you want to hear) online.

Michelle wrote at 2009-09-03 22:53:03
The responses here seem to represent a lot of people trusting their own online research rather than facts. Yes the Mirena contains a hormone but not the Estrogen hormone. Different hormones have different effects and that it basic science.

We all want answers but like one poster said, hundreds are having issues but that means that thousands are not. Many of us can be experiencing symptoms from other things and instead of looking for real answers, are making assumptions. I have a lot of the same symptoms and I've NEVER had any IUD? So who do I blame?

I think the original responder was right in regards to the psychological effect. The fact that you are even on here like this demonstrates anxiety.

This whole discussion reminds me of the anti-vaxxers. Be smart and stop looking for ultimate answers (or what you want to hear) online.

CAT wrote at 2009-12-12 23:01:59

Ginger wrote at 2010-01-07 22:13:37
"An IUD cannot cause weight gain, zits, hormone problems, light headedness (unless you are bleeding)or any of those other vague problems you are having." YES IT CAN if it contains hormones itself which the Mirena does. They say the hormones are localized and don't enter into the blood stream but they are wrong.

KBenitez wrote at 2010-01-29 12:30:09
It cannot cause weight gain, acne, etc, etc. Its psychological?!?!?!?! DO YOUR RESEARCH PLEASE, SIR! Go to ANY pharmacy and ask for a printout of the drug monograph, and among the SIDE EFFECTS are: weight, gain, irregular periods, acne (ZITS), mood changes, hair loss, and those are just the minor effects. There are moderate side effects, and serious albeit rare side effects.

For your information, I AM a pharmacy technician and have printed out such monographs for people. And furthermore, my sister is about to get the Mirena removed for severe issues she has been having and previous doctors going with the "its all in your head wouldnt remove it". My sister in law also had the Mirena for about 6 months before having the thing removed for similar reasons. These girls are only related by marriage & didnt each had the Mirena! I got the thing 2 months ago and I am contemplating getting it removed as I am all over the side effect spectrum. Plus my doctor put it in KNOWING I have severe hypertension, I am an at risk patient with the drug and they told me this was the only form of birth control they would even think of doing even though there IS an IUD without hormones. Because the Cu one was more expensive, they would RATHER put the riskier one in. Not a good idea, I do not think.

caligrrrl wrote at 2010-04-20 19:06:41
No. It isn't psychological. There is not something else going on.  Mirena has a plethora of dangerous side effects that patients are not made aware of. Research it and you will find that there is a very large population of women that are dealing with this. The more I look into it, the more I find that this stuff is dangerously toxic.  No one told me that my hair would fall out or that I would break out in painful acne all over my body. Chronic depression (another side effect that no one mentioned) is difficult to deal with and can be compounded by the confusion of someone who doesn't have anything to be depressed about. This is a toxic, toxic drug that should be taken off the market. The active ingredient is a rehashed version of a norplant device that has been proven to be dangerous. This stuff is bad and shouldn't have been on the market in the first place.

caligrrrl wrote at 2010-06-08 02:14:53
Any lawyer worth his salt knows his scope of practice! Telling this person that "there is something else wrong with them" when they present with medical issues is well out of the boundaries of practicing law. You, Sir, are a jackass. Not an expert in the least!!!

goodvibe1 wrote at 2010-08-28 19:49:40
I had the Mirena inserted in Jan of 07 and my period didn't stop like they said... instead it went on solid for almost 4 months... Recently I found out after having an abnorma pap smear that there are no visible strings... I asked if the iud may be the cause of the abnormal pap and she said, "good question." I have been having nausea intermitently for awhile now... I don't know about any other side effects... I was going thru crazy post divorce stuff  when I had it inserted so not sure of side effects... if anything I chalked it up to the divorce drama.

I would like to find out if IUD is still in me, but no insurance and need to take care of the abnormal pap, but again, no insurance... afraid of it taking all the money I have since I'm not working right now, just moved, I need to conserve my money. I would like to be apart of that class action suit!

tonya wrote at 2010-09-02 06:03:24
I've had the Mirena for almost 3 years now and I have throid and lymphnode cancer 3 times in the past 14 months. There is absolutely NO cancers in my family and I am 41 years old. I had to have the thyroid removed but got to keep the lymphnodes. Am still fighting the third round. My doctor told me that this thing was safe but I have had every symptom and am having it removed on the 8th of this month. I had it put in because the uteran oblation did not work and he wasn't willing to give me the hysto yet. I was never given one bad side affect. Now I have hair loss, migraines, weight gain although I eat very healthy and take synthroid. None of my medications can be causing this and I've found other women that have gotten cancer from this IUD as well.  

Victoria Leon wrote at 2010-09-12 18:36:44
Visit "" enter Mirena and you will see just exactly how much chaos and suffering the Mirena IUD is causing women, unexplainable problems!!!

klarice wrote at 2010-09-16 18:49:33
I'd like to disagree with this answer.  You are telling this person that Mirena, an IUD, cannot cause the symptoms she describes: weight gain, acne, hormonal problems.  You may not have been aware but this IUD is infused with Levonorgestrel which is a synthetic progesterone called a progestin.  If you research the side effects of Levonorgestrel you will see that you are mistaken and these are indeed side effects as well as many others.  This is also the synthetic hormone that was contained in Norplant which was recalled.

lilbit wrote at 2010-09-17 07:46:24
but mirena is not just a simple IUD... it releases hormones innto your body to stop your period so i disagree with you... different hormones can easily cause you to gain weight and break out and so on...

Asia wrote at 2010-09-28 03:19:31
I believe that you are wrong. I am going thur the same things that this lady had. It all started when I got my IUD. when the dr. put it in he said i would have mild spotting, for the 1st 6 months i bleed very heavy. Now i have pains in my stomach. my head hurts, i get very lightheaded. I get numbness from the small of my back to my feet. I cant sleep at night. I get very nausious.I have also gained about 25 30 pounds since my IUD was inserted I do beileve it is the IUD. Im going to make an appointment tomorrow to get it removed. and if my symptoms clear up, there is only one answer..The IUD has more symptoms than listed. Also on tv there is a alert saying if you have the Mirena IUD and you have nausia and headaches contact your dr. asap.  

Megan M wrote at 2010-10-01 03:01:17
I'm sorry, but I do not agree with most of this answer.  The hormone used in the MIRENA IUD can and does cause many of those symptoms.  I had mine placed back in April and had non stop bleeding, migraines, bloating, broke out with acne, became nauseated and had constant pelvic pain.  After two months of this I asked my doctor to check it and make sure it was in right and to find out what was going on with me, he said that it could just take some getting used to and to tough it out... 2 more months went by with the same issues, and I went in to the ER one night with EXTREME cramping (very similar to labor contractions) and the doctor there said it was in right and he wasn't going to take it out because he couldn't see a problem with it.  Last week, on Thursday, I went to a different doctor and demanded that he remove it after telling him the pain I have been suffering with it.  It has been one week and I haven't had a single problem.  After 5 months of bleeding, cramping, headaches, bloating and misery, I can honestly say I feel SO much better and getting better every day.  My skin is even clearing up.  Several of my friends have the IUD as well, but only one of them has had some of the same issues as I have had... it is not for everyone, just as any birth control or medication, HOWEVER, the company has two seperate informational inserts, one for the doctors and a different one for the patient, they do NOT contain the same information, they only list the most dangerous or lethal side effects on the patient insert, the doctor's insert has almost 100 additional possible side effects that most women are left not knowing when they get this IUD.

SmexyFoxy wrote at 2010-10-01 21:58:37
I actually am having the same problems. I went to the OBGYN and they did an ultra sound and found that my IUD is out of place and has attached itself to my uterus. I am going back in next week to have stomach surgery to have it removed. I wish you luck hun, cause this is what the outcome is for me having the IUD for 4 years.  

chipmunk702 wrote at 2010-10-25 04:31:53
Perhaps normal IUDs do not cause those things, but Mirena also includes a hormonal component, meaning it CAN cause hormonal symptoms.

mirenasufferer wrote at 2010-10-26 21:41:14
The response is obviously uninformed about Mirena IUD's. They CAN cause many of your symptoms, because unlike the IUD's that the attorney had investigated in the past, the Mirena IUD has the hormone Progesterone in it.  When you throw a synthetic hormone into the mix, it can make your hormones go wacko & cause many of the problems like headaches and acne.  There is tons of research available to back this up!

SHABBYGIRL wrote at 2010-11-15 13:45:37

Brandi wrote at 2010-11-29 20:23:55
I had the Mirena IUD put in last December. Not for birth control my tubes are tied, my period is very heavy and this is what my OBGYN sugested.

I have gained close to 30 lbs since then.  My periods have never completely gone away.  I have noticed my hair has become very thin, not so shiney and zits off and on all the time.  My stomach for the most part is always bloated, sometimes that heavy feeling in my pevlis uncomfortable. Recently I have been having headaches, never associated with the IUD till I started reading all of this.  I have been tossing it back and forth on having the IUD removed.  I know when I go back in for my annual exam I will be told these issues have nothing to do with the IUD.  I was told by a friend to ask for some procedure they do that cleans off the wall lining and the bleeding would almost come to a stop and no cramps....  

lovehatemirena wrote at 2010-12-08 05:12:20
I'm not sure if this post is active. I have all of the same symptoms., as the lady above. I've had mirena 1 year. Annual appointment, soon. I personally believe the Mirena is still, in the "trial and error" stage. Extensive testing has not been performed before its release and popularity.

I have participated in random conversations, with current Mirena owner's past and present. There are several women in my area, had this contraceptive removed for the same belief their  complications were caused by the contraceptive. Maybe the company should conduct accurate tests. Release an accurate list of possible side affects.

True in fact, the strings allow germs to reside in dark locations in the reproductive organs. Women have natural bacteria. A woman's body was designed to prevent harmful, yet helpful bacteria from entering our bodies. This device is possible to make your body at high risk for infections. My reasons, common sense. Science gave the germs a pair of "strings" to climb right into the reproductive organs and urinary tract. Then gave it the name birth control. You should always consult your doctor of course. You also know your body better than the doctor does.

Mirena states it could break through the uterus wall. Ok, thanks for the warning. Cigarrettes have a warning "Smoking may cause birth defects in pregnany." People still smoke. Extensive listing of all possible side effects should be included, in the mirena. We make our own decisions.

I believe this is a wonderful idea for contraceptive, with numerous benefits. Included but not limited to; eleviates the majority, if not all PMS complications, provides relief of a daily pill, remembering to take it.

I have a wonderful solution. Maybe, Mirena should try a new design for the device. Again, wonderful idea, lets try no strings.

Gregg wrote at 2010-12-10 22:02:09
Mental or not, it's dangerous. I just began researching this and my wife has had Mirena for over two years. We didn't know about any of these problems. The phamplet didn't say anything like this. However, my wife began feeling this way about a week or two after having this thing put in.

Can't sleep well. Back pain. Isomnia. Leg and hip pain. She got shingles quickly. depression. Moodiness. Gets irritated without provocation. Disinterest in activities and everything else. No sex drive. Does not feel like communicating. Fatigued. Headaches. Anxiety. Severe hair loss. Weight gain. She eats smaller portions and exercises daily. Sick to her stomach alot. Hip pain. Leg pain. Dizziness. Light headedness. Sensitive breasts that seem to be getting larger and swollen like when she was pregnant. Pelvic discomfort. Potassium, zinc, and iron deficiencies. Joint problems. No will to play with kids anymore. These problems just didn't decide to come out of her mind. She was excited about Mirena. Why would excitment cause negative mental side effects? Generally, these things happen when you dread something. Not when you're excited about it.

We are planning to get a divorce next Spring. These problems have caused to much strain on our relationship. We cannot reconcile our problems because we both feel to guilty. Now that I know that Mirena was the cause of these problems, I can tell all women to get it taken out if you are experiencing these problems before it is to late. They will eventually lead to problems that cannot be solved. I really believe this is not a symptom of placebo. We didn't even know these things happened when we got this thing put in. How would we know these problems are reported because of this. If you have it and have no problems.....GOOD FOR YOU. You're lucky. Don't say these problems don't exist because they never happened to you. They're happening to thousands of women. You can't ignore that. Don't call them liars or placebo driven if you've never experienced it yourself. I haven't, but I know my wife completely changed for some reason. Not overtime, but immediately after this thing was put in.

Ladies. If you're having problems. GET IT TAKEN OUT BEFORE IT'S TO LATE. I have two daughters that will have to live with a broken family. Don't put your kids through the same.

Gregg wrote at 2010-12-10 22:03:57

Just thought I'd add. Scientists and other experts have put years of research into it. This is their conclusion.

CHERESE wrote at 2010-12-28 23:42:08

rebecca wrote at 2011-02-11 19:28:31
I disagree with the assessment above. It is all over the Web all the side affects that are talked about by this lady. I have the same issues. I dont have psychological problems. Weight gain, extreme abdominal and back pain, depression and insomnia are not small things to deal with especially as a woman. On top of that all the women who have this device are mothers, its a requirement. Many of us are incapable of taking care of our children some days due to the MIrena. When women get it removed the symptoms go away. Explain that to me Dr. Law.

Sally_belle wrote at 2011-03-06 23:59:35
Hi Guys,

I'm no doctor but I have enough medical conditions myself to understand a lot of their lingo. I had a Mirena put in, mid-2009 and since then, have had MANY uncomfortable symptoms. I can't confirm whether they're all related to said IUD or not because none of the 7 doctors I have been to with the same questions, have been able to come to any one conclusion relating to the matter (which leads me to believe that our physicians are not being properly educated on our new drugs/treatments, released into society). While I take Methotexate for my arthritic condition, which I am aware causes night sweats and the impression that you have constant morning sickness, I have been on it since I was 12 and am now 23, with additional symptoms only having started a couple of months after I started on Mirena. I now have allergy symptoms such as hayfever (even in winter and at night...), my depression seems to have come back to a level that scares even me, I'm constantly tired (even after the 13 hours sleep I was incredibly lucky to get the other night), I'm nervous most of the time (this is NEW. I also consider myself to be a very forward and confident person), I was diagnosed with Endometriosis in December last yr (and had a cyst the size of a orange, removed from my left ovary, which they found during the laproscopy), I have constant migraines and dizzyness (which affects my balance and depth perception at times), have had 4 UTI's since having the Mirena (since the last and ONLY one I've ever had at age 10) and now have water retention in my ankles and feet (which I thought was arthritis-related but now I'm not so sure). I had looked up an a website if Mirena causes hormonal imbalance and found a list of symptoms of which I seemed to have every second one but I don't know if I'm just being paranoid of if this would explain everything I've had to go through and experience since July 2009. I would appreciate any feedback from those who know more than I do and have experienced similar symptoms so that I know I'm not crazy or just a sook. I have a very high pain threshold but would swap the last 18 months with those of someone else anyday, just to feel normal for 24 hours. *sigh* In relation to Glenn's theory of it all being psychological, I'd like to think that the physical stress on my mind and body was not caused by the placebo affect 'having it in for me'...

kikiD wrote at 2011-03-24 16:33:36
Hi there, I had Mirena fitted early Feb 2011 as they found pre-cancerous cells in my uterus and as I haven't had children yet (probably unlikely anyway as I also have polycystic ovaries), they said the Mirena would be the only treatment to stop my periods, and to stop the cancerous cells multiplying (they also gave me a D&C). They said I would have light spotting for a couple of days and then my periods would stop all together. I was very shocked to have chronic stabbing pains in my lower abdomen ever since. I just can't seem to get any answers as to why this is happening. I haven't stopped bleeding ever since and now they have put me on a progesterone only pill as well, and it still hasn't stopped! I have had migraines and problems with my bowels, all of which I have never had before. I am sick of being treated like I'm making it up or that it is psychological- I am not an idiot and I know, as well as lots of these other women, that what I am feeling is real. What does it take to get good healthcare these days? If I had the spare money I could pay and get it sorted straight away, but with the system in England you get second rate treatment in my experience.. I feel totally exasperated and frustrated - I was not given any information before this thing was fitted and am still not being given any information now. I have just been left to worry in pain. Nobody should get treatment like that. I would like the doctors to go through this and tell themselves it's all in their head!

angrymom wrote at 2011-03-28 16:12:09
I just found out that I had pid because of mirena. I had a miscarriage of 8 weeks with twins because I was so inflammated that I couldn't carry them I am filing a lawsuit against mirena because of all the pain and suffering I have went through because of that. I would still be pregnant with my babies right now!

sharris wrote at 2011-04-05 03:15:12
I had Mirena inserted 12 weeks after the birth of my daugther, in Sep 2009.  I did bleed off and on (always had to be prepared, kind of annoying) for 3 months (which my dr did warn me of)and then had very little issues with it.  I did have one episode at about 1 year of having it where I had severe cramping and odd bleeding (brown). Fast foward to now - I have the Mirena removed in Feb 2011 in hopes of becoming pregnant again and have had crazy symtoms ever since.  I chart my basal body temp to determine my ovulation and my temps have been very erratic with no pattern at all. I have had one cycle since and it was VERY heavy, which is unusual for me.  I have had pregnancy like symptoms going on about 2-3 weeks now (negative preg test) and still have not been able to conclude if/when I have ovulated and am currently 1 week late.  I go in tomorrow for a blood preg test, and will hopefully create a plan of action with my dr to get my hormones back in check.  Just wanted to let others see that it is possible to have no problems while having the Mirena in and have lots after having it removed.  Good luck everyone!

Jayde wrote at 2011-04-06 23:11:44
BEWARE OF THE MIRENA IUD - I have suffered 3 miscarriages because of the Mirena IUD, if you ever plan on having children do not take the risk... The Mirena IUD has caused nothing but problems to my body (eg: thrush, cysts, miscarriages etc..) to which I never suffered prior to the IUD... Doctors give you no information on the risks and claim that it is perfectly safe!!! This is obviously not the case...  

medstudentmommy wrote at 2011-08-21 15:39:28
I am a fourth year medical student and will be a doctor this coming May. While in medical school I became pregnant and thought getting the Mirena would be the perfect solution for contraception. Boy was I wrong! I've had it for a year now. I instantly developed acne all over my body. I sweat constantly!! It's so embarassing. I work out 5 days a week and still gain weight. I have NO sex drive (my poor husband). I get constant yeast infections. I had absolutely none of these symptoms before having the IUD. My primary care doctor tested me for all kinds of things like hypothyroidism. I am furious with my OB-GYN because I've been trying to make an appointment to get this thing taken out and they wouldn't do it at my regular physical appointment and wouldn't schedule me for a month out. After doing lots and lots of research, I am convinced that all these symptoms are from the Mirena. Even though it's my obligation to offer it as a form of contraception, I will be certain to relay my problems with it to my patients. I can't believe doctors just ignore these poor women who come to them with these problems. I don't care how "convenient" it is to not have your period. Feeling like you're going through menopause and having constant anxiety and being overweight is not worth it.  

Dev wrote at 2011-08-30 05:01:53
I disagree with your saying there is no damage. I was in my late 40s when the nurse practitioner told me I needed the IUD. I wasnt having sex with anyone. She said it was recommended. The office used burse practitioners more than doctors to interact with patients. The nurse practitioner struggled with inserting the IUD. In all of my life I never had cramps when I had my period. Within days I was crippled double over. I returned to the office. The nurse practitioner couldnt find the IUD. I had to have sonograms done to find it. I had by that time developed an infection and cysts. I had to fight with the doctor to remove the IUD. My loss? Money. Several thousand dollars. My suspicion? The office/nurse practitioner were paid to push the item. I never went back to the office. They all got paid to put the damn thing in me. Later the doctor admitted it was a mistake. I asked for my money back. They laughed. I think all the patients should get their cash out of pocket back.

EmilyJane wrote at 2011-11-04 04:09:24
Michelle wrote at 2009-09-03 22:51:55

"The responses here seem to represent a lot of people trusting their own online research rather than facts. Yes the Mirena contains a hormone but not the Estrogen hormone."

Ah, but what a synthetic hormone does is prevent our bodies from producing that form of natural hormone.  It stands to reason, then, that if synthetic progesterone prevents natural progesterone production, then which hormone is left to produce itself unchecked?  Why, estrogen, of course.

What convinced me that the Mirena was the cause of all of my troubles, was post-insertion when I used Plan B in an emergency.  I had the exact, same emotional meltdown (only on a smaller scale) as I had with the Mirena.  I checked the package insert and guess what the hormone in Plan B is?  Levonorgestrel, the same effing hormone in Mirena.

It's been seven years since I had that nightmare device removed, and I'm still not the person I was pre-insertion.  I hope the makers and whoever fast-tracked it for approval get a triple dose of Karma before they spend eternity in purgatory.

lynn wrote at 2011-11-17 08:56:37
I too have suffered. I had modems fitted 6 years ago to cure my heavy periods.  This it did as they stopped within three months yippee I thought.  Then I became very emotional and depressed. I had family problems at the time and put my state of mind down to that. On reflection I think the mirena was the cause of those problems as my daughter said I was acting weird at this time. I also had the fuzziness and shaky moments. Don't mention the paranoid thoughts as I thought my partner was having numerous affairs which he wasn't. I was a nightmare to live with. After 5 years I went to get coil removed but my doctor couldn't find it. Hospital appt made and had coil removed. End of problems?  No just the beginning.  Doctor found a fibroid. Went for scan. Had hysterectomy in sept this year. Scan found swollen adrenal gland am awaiting tests to find out why. Connected . Yes I think so. The mirena is evil

Autumn wrote at 2011-11-18 00:48:09
I Disagree 110%.

I am a healthy woman in her early 30's that has never had any hormonal problems in my entire life. I have always had a below average BMI and never experienced PMS symptoms. At my Ob-gyn's recommendation, I decided to try Mirena.

Less than 6 months after insertion, I was experiencing every symptom described above, along with extreme anger and moodswings. I am also experiencing hair loss, body fat increase (with no associated diet or exercise changes) and extreme lethargy.

My Dr. also takes the same canned stance that this is the greatest invention ever with almost no side effects and implies those that have reported side effects must be suffering from other health issues. I find it hard to believe it is a coincidence that you can go a simple internet search and find THOUSANDS of women experiencing the same symptoms. I over-paid to have my IUD removed 7 months after paying far too much to have it inserted....still have not recovered from the

'non-existent' side effects. Do not have endometriosis, do not have PID, do not have thyroid problems, do not have inflammatory diseases, etc. The only variable factor in my situation was the IUD and the side effects started Immediately. I had to get a presription for an antibiotic to help with my skin issues and blemishes. Since there has been no long term testing, there is no definitive proof that Mirena's version of the IUD can't do harm to the balance of a woman's hormonal system. It is very similar to the Norplant birth control, which was pulled from the market due to similar negative side effects (wish that would have been disclosed to me). Both the manufacturer as well as the doctors that have been marketed to so heavily should be required to do full disclosure to each patient instead of just pushing the latest version of the miracle product of the moment. Yes, it does work great for many women, but what about those of us that fall in the 5? Are we collateral damage? I would like my quality of life back (so would my husband) and am beginning to wonder if I will ever return to my pre-Mirena state.

Don't let the bandwagon medical community tell you that what you are feeling and experiencing is not valid.  

Amanda wrote at 2011-12-02 04:15:55
Luckily I never really noticed the problems while I had the Mirena in for nearly two years. My problems started when it came out. We decided to have another child, after all this is the "reversible" birth control method for those that want children again, just not at the time they choose to have it inserted. Not so much! It is now thirteen months post-removal and I am going through my third, yes third, miscarriage. Two of which have needed medical intervention to complete. Not sure how this one will go yet. The doctors keep saying there's no way it is the Mirena but I know better. I have two beautiful children and have NEVER had any fertility problems before the device. I get pregnant quickly, but cannot get the pregnancy to grow past 5 to 7 weeks. I have absolutely no genetic condition that causes miscarriage or problems with my children or embryos. The progesterone is this device has skewed my hormone balance. I cannot hold the pregnancy because my progesterone is too low to allow the embryo to thrive. Can someone please explain why doctors are so willing to protect this company and device over their patients and the data they have right in front of them?

mrs.j wrote at 2011-12-28 22:54:18
The WHO Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Use and RCOG Faculty of Family Planning & Reproductive Health Care (FFPRHC) UK Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Use list the following as conditions where insertion of a levonorgestrel IUS is not usually recommended or should not be used because of an

unacceptable health risk.: [14][15] According to Dr. Ayman A. A. Ewies in an abstract published in Gynecological

Endocrinology, 31 July 2009 [16] the hormonal releasal of the Mirena is publicized to have a local effect but he shows that elevated levels of levonorgestrel have been found globally in some women because of various factors including low metabolic rates. He also states that weight gain is one of the major side effects. Just to correct the previous inclination that weight gain is not proven. Also a professional medical doctor discussing health risks others refuse to acknowledge.  

amanda wrote at 2012-01-11 02:49:23
I had mirena removed about a year ago due to excessive bleeding and infections, which I never had in my life. Last month I became pregnant and Friday they detected a heartbeat but yesterday it was gone :'( she believes it is a partial molar anyone else with anything similar?

vik wrote at 2012-01-11 20:51:19
Had Mirena fitted just over 3 years ago. Had a camera inserted into cervix, uterus and tubes to check all ok before it was inserted. Within 6 weeks I began to gain weight. Felt a small lump about 12 months later on my right hand side just above pubic bone. Also started to have aching legs and finding it uncomfortable to lie in bed. Over the next year lump got bigger and pain came in legs and lower back. Pressure on bladder and bowel. Scan revealed 3 large fibroids! These had grown from nothing to over 10cm each diameter in 3 years! Now had total hysterectomy. I believe the mirena caused these but I cant find any evidence to support this!  

Mother of Two wrote at 2012-02-28 17:22:38
The above comment is completely wrong. I have no idea where you are getting your information, but just because you say it is't caused by the IUD doesn't mean you are right. Ask the thousands of woman who are actually using an IUD and all have the same collective complaints. Using deductive reasoning, you can't deny what that tells us. IUD's do, infact, cause health problems. I have not known a single friend or family member (including myself) who hasn't suffered some adverse side effect....from constant pregnancy-like symptoms, to perforated uterus' , and misscarriages. They aren't as safe as we are told...we are guinea pigs here, they have no idea what really happens long-term, they just assume they know and then tell us like it's a known-fact what happens.  "Fear" doesn't cause these problems, the IUD causes these problems. Seems like just another person trying to talk woman out of knowing and understanding her own body. If you don't feel it's unhealthy, then no matter what anyone (dr's too) tell you, you need to listen to your gut feeling.... no one knows how YOUR body works better than YOU!

hot mess wrote at 2012-03-15 21:24:27
Unfortunately in the 80's and 90's you were effectually dealing with a different sort of IUD and the same rules would not apply. As I am not a lawyer and per your response clearly are I will leave you to the details in the differences of said devices. I would also like to give my experience as it is still so influential in my life today.

I decided to use Mirena as birth control early in 2003, I was getting re-married and we both had children from previous marriages and were happy with that and each other. I immediately had problems. Firstly, my husband was shocked to find a stabbing pain upon intercourse , which I was reassured should NOT be the case after several doctor appointments  checking the “strings were still in place, they could not undersand why that would be a problem. I also within that first month began experiencing extreme abdominal pain. This increase of this which I attributed directly to the implant itself, because I had never had anything like it, became unbearable and I decided after a few short months (4-5) to have it removed all the while them telling me they did not believe it was the problem and I had just put out so much money to have it placed? I said TAKE IT OUT! Unfortunately my problems did not resolve with it’s absence (the damage had already been done). The outcome was severe endometiosis which I had never had before Mirena and it resulted in a hysterectomy/ bi lateral oopherectomy at 30, four years after being diagnosed, I tried to put off the surgery with laproscopy and Lupron to no avail. Mind you I asked my NEW gynecologist if Mirena could have been the precursor and she said she “looked into it and found nothing except it helping the condition” but I did not have any problems associated with endometriosis before Mirena at age 25 with several children. I also had an extreme increase in Migraines that became chronic, did not get proper hormone therapy following the surgeries(though I tried) and have endured two breast biopsies and multiple problems since. I have been on HRT for over a year and a half(found yet another Dr. more helpful in these matters)so at least some of the surgical menopause symptoms are more manageable but others are not. I can never get back my education lost due to these ailments (was in a nursing program) and feel my life has been greatly altered with little chance of me ever aspiring to my previous goals. I am sorry each day for what my family had to deal with and still does because of my health. It frustrates and saddens me every time I see a Mirena commercial encouraging the use of such a potentially dangerous device. I now look at the Yaz and Yazmin Class action lawsuit starting and wish that is what I was seeing for Mirena because of it’s harmful effects. It seems so uncouth for something that is supposed to protect us simply fromm pregnancy to do such life altering harm. I wish for everyone to know the possibilities of health defilement before entering into something they cannot change.

Fun list of side effects;

Migraines increased to chronic status (everyday)

Extreme abdominal bloating and pain

Painful intercourse

Onset of Endometriosis; leading to hysterectomy/bilateral oopherectomy

~ This surgery at age 30 has caused Immediate surgical menopause and more problems emotionally and physically than I wish to bore you with but does include the need for HRT and I have endured several breast biopsies because of it (yes more surgery whoppee) to name some difficult ones.

I had United Healthcare at that time  

honeyeyez69 wrote at 2012-03-30 23:52:29
I totally agree with you ladies. I have suffered severe cramps from the moment I got off the table. I suffer from terrible headaches and intercourse is painful. I feel these physicians tell us anything just for a buck. I am totally on board with filing a class action suit. All of us can't be wrong about suffering from the same symptoms.

Erykah7808 wrote at 2012-05-24 23:45:36
You guys will not believe my story about the Mirena. I got inserted a little over a year ago. I was bleeding 3weeks out of the month with it. I went and seen my gyn and he told me that was normal for the first 6 months of getting it..I said ok. I continue to bleed and the bleeding got worse.  I was bleeding for 3 1/2 weeks out of the month and every doctor i went to did nothing. I finally lost so much blood i need a blood transfusion. They looked and could not see the mirena in there. Once i got better i had a D&C done. One week later the bleeding continued and i had another blood transfusion. I kept on telling the drs i had a mirena in and kept saying they couldnt see anything. I had my second D&C in less than a month. That was on a Wed. by Friday i had a Hysterectomy. Im 33yrs old.That is what the Mirena did for me. I asked the surgeon if he seen the Mirena in there and till this day I have no answer.

Ms. Von P wrote at 2012-06-16 05:52:49
I had the mirena for about a year and a 1/2, I started having PVC's 6months after insertion, and they continued for a year, i finally decided to see my Ob and she thought that since I had a blood clot from using birth control pills I probably should not have had the mirena, since the removal I've gained 40 pounds in a year and my hormones are all messed up, I've tried everything to loose weight and nothing is working, I am not pre-menepausal and have polycystic ovary syndrom...loosing weight is vertually impossible...merina is not the answer..

lucy wrote at 2012-11-29 16:55:27
I wanted to share my experience, because after developing all my crazy symptoms and googling for additional info I became very anxious.  I hope it can help others in my situation.

A few days after mirena insertion I had a lot of light headedness/ dizziness, nausea, fatigue, weakness, headaches even throat issues. I felt so clumsy and impaired.  I thought I was going to die and actually went to the ER.  It turns out I had developed a stomach ulcer from all the pain medication! I was being careful eating and drinking a lot with every dose of ibuprofen, but for some reason I still developed one.

I did not realize a stomach ulcer could have so many side effects. I dismissed the stomach pain and attributed it to cramps from insertion. Although I also learned that not every one experiences stomach pain or it can be very mild. Everyone is different and their body can have very strange reactions to the same illness.

Ulcers can heal on their own, especially when you stop the pain killers, but its better to get treated. I understand you should investigate all possibilities if you begin experiencing severe side effects, but if all other tests are showing up normal this may be another idea to throw at your doctor.

Mirena Should be banned wrote at 2012-12-10 13:23:13
Thanks for sharing ur information. i also had Mirena 9 months back and started feeling pain in my right knee. Doc said it s sign or early arthritis. I also had wieght gain, greasy hair, water retention in body which caused swelling in my hands, legs everywhere. I got rid of it today. i hope to get better soon. Mirena IUD is on the market and poisoning women and they are NOT listing it as a side effect.

Roo wrote at 2012-12-11 13:56:29
Hi All ,

From another angle , my wife had this inserted and within days it changed her personality , apart from the cramps and ongoing bleeding , she has become extremely intollerant , even to the point of not wanting me to have any phisical contact. Our relationship was strong and we thought this is worth a try , but it's turning into a nightmare , my Wife wants to stick with it , but at what cost.

llanarth wrote at 2013-06-17 14:07:19
No, it's not worth it. I had it for too long, and during that time I had depression, and heightened anxiety. Wish I'd never had it. I've had it taken out now thank goodness, I am also still experiencing weakness and fatigue because of this product.

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