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QUESTION: Are children 18 years or younger with psychiatric disorders, who take olanzapine compared to those who take risperidone at lower risk for adverse side effects over 1 year period?

ANSWER: Hi Sunny,
This is a tough question. Olanzapine is used in children (adolescents) but  the manufacturer recommends that the physician may choose alternate drugs in view of  the long term toxicity in adolescents. Risperidone is routinely used in adolescents and children and in clinical trials the incidence of adverse reactions is similar.
I have looked at head on studies on Pubmed and find differences of opinion in different countries. In US both drugs are recommended for those below 16, but in France neither are recommended.
Studies are equivocal about these drugs, some support on while others support the other. A meta analysis of available trials, 9 with Olanzapine and 7 with  Risperidone showed that efficacy and safety was similar for both drugs.
On the whole I would feel that both drugs are similar with little difference. However these studies refer to the use of these drugs for schizophrenia, in different indications, the safety and efficacy of  the drugs may  differ.
I regret I cannot give  any answer that answers your question more specifically.
All the best
Ravi Ghooi

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QUESTION: Hello Sir,
Can you please recommend any websites where i can find the suitable answer with evidence table.


Hi Sunny,
The places  where such information  would  be available are and pubmed. I am afraid you will not find tabulated information but you will have to dig deep into information on individual drugs. Let me caution you that one cant compare the data easily because methods of collecting data vary. It is for this reason, I said that it is a tough question.
All the best
Ravi Ghooi

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