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Hello!  I am a writer working on a novel in which the main character suffers from a serious chronic disease.  He takes heavy medications for pain and suffers from daily headaches (I've done enough research to see that the headaches could be a result of the pain medication).  He also often has trouble controlling his anger and frustration to the point of verbally attacking loved ones and sometimes exhibits impulsive behavior.  These traits could be either caused by the disease or the medications he has to take.  He is also only a teenager, around 15-17.  I have done little actual writing of the story, so I'm open to a lot of possibilities. Any ideas on what I should research?  I know this is pretty vague.

Hi Rachel,

The easiest chronic condition which you could make have constant headaches and aggressive outbursts would be a traumatic head injury.  This way you are not limited to the specific symptoms of any one "disease" as each person's brain injury can be different from the others.

The easiest way to explain a traumatic brain injury is a car accident, or a fall from a decent height, a hit in the head with something hard (baseball bat) or an aneurysm.  This allows you lots of options which can even be woven into the plot.

Hope this helps and good luck,

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