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Medical Research on the Internet/new studies say low carb not low fat now?


It seems that low fat diets are not being recommended for a variety of illnesses anymore, instead it is low carbs, especially sugar. I do not understand this. I tried a low carb diet and although I did lose weight, my blood pressure and cholesterol went up. I recently switched to a very low fat diet, and now I am losing weight and all my numbers are normal. After years of recommending low fat, backed up by studies, and the fact that countries that eat a little meat/fat but lots of rice and pasta have low rates of disease, how can science simply turn around like this? I almost suspect these new studies are being paid for by big food conglomerates. Thanks for your thoughts!

I think you have not got advice from a doctor or dietitian for you diet planning. If a person does not do adequate exercise defined by a minimum of 30 minutes of brisk walking or any other activity like bicycling or jogging daily, he should take minimal amount of fats in diet.

As for the second part, there are lobbies of corporates which have some influence on the media. But they don't influence the research publications. Also there are several types of reserch methods. some can be inaccurate and others are very accurate.

You can have more guidance from the link below:

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