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hi ,I would like to know if using portable x ray machines in the emergency room is dangerous to innocent people who are walking past the cubicle where the x ray is being son was recently in the emergency room while another little  boy was having an xray done in the treatment area where he was being cared for ,we were very close to where the little boy was having his x ray,and most of the doors in all the treatment rooms were open,do you think we were exposed to radiation from being so near to where the little boy was having his x ray.thank you so much for taking the time to address my concern

I am not an expert on X-Ray machines themselves, and have no information on the specific machine or circumstances,therefore I cannot provide a detailed comment. In principle, though, factors such as ionizing radiation (i.e. x-rays) are considered in the safety, and other standards for medical devices and other products. From that perspective alone, I would not anticipate any risk.

Secondly, the beam is focused on the patient. The amount of radiation that they receive is considered safe. A person walking by would receive only a small fraction of what the patient would receive. The reasons are that the person walking by is only receiving radiation indirectly, and by walking by, receives only a momentarily burst, therefore it should be well within the safe limit.

Personally, I would have no concern.

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