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Hello James,
My name is Peter. I'm currently serving in the armed forces right now but will be separate pretty soon. I'm looking forward to go back to my hometown in GA and study to become an X-ray tech. Here's some question I have and really hope you could help me to answer:
1. Is it hard nowadays for X-ray tech to get hired?
2. Do you know any good school for X-ray tech in GA?
3. How do I know which school's diploma is legit and which is BS
4. Is there any other steps I should take during schooling so in the future it would help my resume looks better than the other guys beside internship?
5. Do you enjoy your work field?
Look forward for your answer, thank you very much and have a good day.

hi Peter; hows it going today? to answer your questions, these days, yes, it is hard to find a job in the x ray field. the reason is that there are a lot of people qualified to work, but not enough jobs open. for schools in GA, i dont know anything about any of them, so you would need to do a google search and see about them. the first thing you need to do is, be sure the school is ACCREDITED, and i put that in caps because thats very important! as far as what to do while you are in  school to look better, i would say keep your grades up as high as you can, because that will be on your record when school is over and you are looking for work. yes, i enjoy the work but it can get very very stressful and that just serves it make you tired and enough for the day! if you do a google for the ARRT and the toll free number there,and they will help you by answering questions. that is the american registry of radiologic technologists; thats what arrt stands for. since you are a veteran, that can be a help working in a  va hospital after you get out of school, but first, call the union of the place you might want to work at and ask about the x ray department; any complaints about it? hope this helps you!

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I can answer questions about taking x rays, some questions about ct scanning, training, etc. cannot answer questions about mri, ultrasound.


I have been doing this now for a total of over 32 years. I have experience in trauma radiology, including domestic violence victims and limited post mortem exams. I worked the 4-12 shift alone for 14 years on the second busiest shift of the day, which includes inpatients, outpatient, ct, surgery and emerg fluoro cases. I have good interactions with students and continue to teach on site.



Have ARRT Certification from an accredited college and of course continue to maintain ECE credits.

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