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Hi -- I am an all-experts volunteer, too (in bankruptcy and collections).  I'm trying to get information on Medicare.

I am retired and receiving social security (age 68).  I have been informed that I was enrolled in Part A (although I never received a card).  I refused Part B because I live in Canada and was covered by the Canadian system.

I am now thinking about moving permanently to another country (possibly Mexico) that has its own healthcare system, where I would be eligible.  Nevertheless, I would like to preserve my Medicare rights in the event of extreme emergencies only.  

Do I really need Part B?  Won't Part A cover really life-threatening issues (I would go to doctors for ordinary checkups in my new country).  Would I be penalized for not having taken Part B if I tried to sign up?

Most importantly -- is there a private plan that will cover the gaps if you have Part A but no other part of Medicare?  Thanks very much.

HI Mike

If you do not already have a copy of Medicare and You 2013 get a copy from the local Social Security office.  In the center of the back cover is the phone number of the nearest SHIP office to you.  
Set up a 1 on 1 session with them and they will go over the whole thing with you


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