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I need to switch my parents to a better plan and we met with an agent who is trying to convert my parents from plain Medicare to Humana Gold HMO Plan and do away with their supplement insurance with Mutual of Omaha.  My parents are often sick, they have several doctors visits, emergency room visit and end up at Rehabilitation and evening nursing facilities throughout the year.  Should we stay as we have been doing with Medicare and the supplemental insurance or should we switch them to Humana Gold Plus?

The problem with the HMO is that you are restricted to your doctors. You cannot go out of network..and there are co-payments which may exceed the monthly payment to the supplement insurance.

I never recommend anyone going to a Medicare HMO. It just restricts you. I like choice but that is just my opinion.

By the way, the insurance agent makes a commission on selling this plan

Medicare, Medicaid, Life and Health Insurance

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