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I could be asking question that can't be answered but I'm lost on what to do.  My 16 year old son is in a residential placement my ins is primary but he also has full coverage Medicaid. He was seen by an eye dr he has seen before. When they billed from office they did not bill Medicaid since he doesn't live with me I didn't know this happened till I was notified from a collection company. When I called dr office I found they never billed Medicaid l though it was on his file. I was also told this was illegal to do and they should have the collection agency remove it. I'm a single mother a d this has hurt my credit score badly how do I get this amen care of.

Hi Lynn

You may need to take time to visit the doctor's office with your Medicaid card proving that your son had Medicaid at the time of the visit.  Ask them to file the claim with Medicaid and once the claim pays you should not have receive any more calls from the collection agency.  

However, you could run into a few problems.

1. If the doctor's office does not accept Medicaid, you may be responsible for the bill.
2. If the time limit has expired for the Medicaid to be billed, you may need to contact your Medicaid caseworker to see if she can issue the doctor's office a time limit override so the doctor can get paid.
3. If the doctor did have the Medicaid on file, but failed to bill it in a timely manner, YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE.  Make them aware that they failed to file the Medicaid and they are responsible for writing off the charges.  Be persistent!  Don't be ignored! Speak with the office manager.  If this doesn't work, have your Medicaid caseworker call the doctor's office on your behalf.

In the meanwhile, if you hear from the collection company.  Advise them that the patient has Medicaid and you are trying to get the claim paid.  Also, ask them not to call you anymore or you will report them to the State Attorney General's Office.

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