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QUESTION: My job ends at the end of the year and my employer will provide six months of extended health care coverage.  I am 66 and understand that I have an eight-month window to sign up for Part B without penalty.

My question is this:  Am I missing something?  Can I use my employers six months of coverage and then sign up for Part B within the eight-month window without penalty?

If that's the case, it seems to me that I should ask my employer to offer eight months of extended health care coverage.



Can always try.  reason for different times is that they come from 2 different regulations


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QUESTION: Thanks for your response but I'm still lost so let me try again:

Can I use my employer's health care for six months (assuming it agrees to be primary to Medicare) and sign up for Medicare sometime during fifth month without penalty -- "penalty" means both a higher Medicare premium or some other undesirable lurking in the bureaucratic nightmare that is healthcare.



Hi again

You should have received a copy of Medicare and You 2013 in October.  If not go to the local Social Security office ad pick on up.  In the center of the back page is a phone number.  Call the and make an appointment with a counselor.  They will explain the whole system to you and help with any problems that may arise.

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