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Long story short, 3 years ago my birth controls strings ( internal BC) ripped a hole in the condom.. 9 months later I had our son. Well when I was about 11 weeks pregnant, and I had no clue I was pregnant since I was on BC still, I had horrid pains and was more sick than I had ever been. So we made a 2am trip to the ER and found out I was pregnant.

My husbands insurance did not cover maternity and they refused to pay for the bill since I needed a bunch of maternity care that night. I was left with a outrageous 12,000$ bill.

I was and still am in nursing school, I work, but to pay for school and gas to school. I have told them over and over again that I cant pay it in full and they said they could bring it down to 9,000$ and that I will need to do monthly payments of 500$ which I do not at all have right now.

They kept on with this for months and months and finally I just gave up with them. Now that we are a little better off I want to try to get it taken care of. Is there anything I can do to get them to maybe lower it anymore or to allow payments to be a little lower than 500$?

Hi Amber....

You can always call them and try..... A good trick is to tell them that you are thinking about declaring bankruptcy....tell them you already went to any attorney and if they are not willing to negotiate with you then you will file this week.

This usually gets them to work with you since it is better something than nothing.

Also many states have charity programs for hospital bills perhaps see if your state has one and if you are eligible.  Worth a shot.

Good luck!


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Has your medical insurance company denied your claim and refuses to pay? Have you received a pre-authorization and still your insurance company refuses to pay? How can you get your insurance company to reverse a denied claim? How do you get a provider to waive your copayment if you are financially unable to pay? Can a provider sue you for a unpaid bill and will they? Can a provider send me to a collection agency for a medical bill? If my insurance company does not pay, am I responsible? If you have these questions or others on why your insurance company is not paying your bills, I can help. I can give you "tricks of the trade" to get your insurance company to pay. I have limited knowledge on Medicare and Medicaid and that is not my expertise. Each state is very different regarding Medicare and Medicaid so you need to review their website when you have questions. So please no Medicare or Medicaid questions!!


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