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Hello I have a question about the Obama care. We are a family of 5. Im a home stay mother and my husband is a contractor. Hes contract ended 2 months ago. Hes not working at the moment. We applied for Obama care and they are offering Medicaid, called health plan of Nevada smart choice for free. so im assuming its Medicaid, but im a lawful permanent resident and I heard I don't qualify for that. They also are offering other health plans for an amount of money that is little pricy . what are my options. Can I qualify for Medicaid with my legal status. I being a lawful permanent resident for 3 half yrs.

Hi Tonie
I am in Michigan, and because there are some different regulations  in each State I am referring you to a Nevada expert.  call 1-800-307-4444 and request to speak with a counselor.
You will have reached the one nearest to you.  Also ask for a benefits check up

Medicare, Medicaid, Life and Health Insurance

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