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Hi I live in FL. and have Medicare because of a disability I am no where close to age 65 and can't get an insurance policy to cover the 20% that Medicare doesn't pay for. I qualify for Florida's Medicaid cost of share program but to date they have not paid for one thing. My cost of share each month is $1,208 and although I have one hospital bill or lab bill totaling much more than the $1,208 in one month I still don't qualify for Florida's cost of share program because Medicare paid their 80% of the bills leaving me with the 20% to pay out of pocket. When I read their pamphlet and their website it always seems to say that as long as you can prove that your bill is higher than your cost of share they will pay for the bill. It seems to me that they are penalizing me because I have Medicare paying 80% of the bill I don't want to sound ungrateful for the medical services I do have but that 20% adds up especially when you are living on a fixed income and have 2 small dependents to take care of. Believe me I am not living high on the hog most months I'm lucky to have $0.35 left in my bank account after paying rent, utilities, gas, insurance, medicines, all the doctor bills and the collection agencies for the bills that the state of Florida won't pay and now I have to pay for them. My question to you is who is right if this cost of share program was created to help people then why will it not pay my bills when I have clearly demonstrated that my bills surpass the cost of share? Just because 80% is being paid clearly I can demonstrate that I can't pay the 20% either they just don't take into account rent, utilities, and dependents. If I am right then how do I go about getting them to pay? Sending the bills with my account# doesn't help.

Hi Pattie
Florida has a lot of State laws regarding your situation.  Therefore I am referring you you to the SHINE  Florida experts.  Call them at 1-800-963-5337 and request an appointment with a counselor. The will meet with you. examine the situation and assist you with any appeals.
Hope this helps you,  John

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