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My  from his father, my son and I live on the ssi disability  we he get benefits. any help that can help me?re reform of President Obamas. Is there a health cat i cannot really afford to avoid tax penalties under the newel qualifies for medicaid. I get fl share of cost. Under new guide lines do I need a personal health insurance plan. Is there anything out there to help with additional costs?

Hi Angela
This is too long to be done by e-mail, so I am referring you to the Georgia group of Medicare counselors.  Call 1-800-669-8387 and you will get the nearest office of Georgia Cares.  Give them a call and make an appointment with a counselor and request a Benefits checkup and have them run a Pathfinders program. They will show you  your options. Hope this helps you.

Medicare, Medicaid, Life and Health Insurance

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