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My mother has been in a nursing home for two years.  She has no assets, but has about $200 per month pension income and about $1400 per month Social Security income.  Medicaid requires her to pay most of that (except about $60) per month to the nursing home, and Medicaid pays the balance ( several thousand per month ).  She has Blue Cross Blue Shield (Michigan) health insurance through her deceased husbands IBEW (electrical workers), which she had before she came to the nursing home.  The premium costs her about $100 per month, and she has had to pay another $150 per month pharmacy co-pays. Medicaid allows both of these (insurance premium and pharm co-pays) to be  subtracted from the monthly amount she pays the nursing home.  This has all been working well.  However, recently she received information from an HMO saying she could drop her insurance and the HMO would handle all of her medical needs.  Also, another family member told her that she doesn't need to keep her insurance and everything would get paid anyway.  We think she likes the current arrangement and feels she is "paying her way", at least partially.  We are inclined to encourage her to keep her BCBS.  We feel that if she gives up her health insurance, she might never be able to change her mind and get it back.  I'd like to get your thoughts on this. Thank you.

Hi Georgia.  Too long to do by e-mail.  Call the MMAP program  in Michigan and request to speak to a counselor.  Make an appointment with them and they review her material and do a benefits check.  From that they will explain her options and you can then decide which way to go.

Hope this helps her.


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