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A friend of mine wants to move from CA. to TX to get out of an abusive relationship and situation from her father. She has a lot of health issues and is on Medicare/MediCal there. What does she need to do to make her transition as smooth as possible to get her insurance coverage in TX. Does she need to see someone here at the TX health and human services or is there a number she can call to get it done by phone. Please advise. I will be helping her make this transaction but need to know the guidelines.
Thank you

Hi Stacy!

Each state has different laws regarding their Medicaid program so only thing to do is to either visit their website or call them to find out. She probably will have to requalify for
Texas's Medicaid program.  May be able to do on line not sure.  

Good Luck!


Medicare, Medicaid, Life and Health Insurance

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