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To add to the opaque area of prescription costs, there are various pharmacy discount cards that either come in the mail or are available for sign-up on the internet.  Can you tell me how these work and whether they really are worthwhile?  I already have Blue Cross Blue Shield, so do these work in conjunction with insurance plans or are they for people who don't have health insurance?

Hi Carl!

Not sure what type of discount cards you are receiving since I do not get any here in NJ but I would assume they are for people who do not have a RX plan.  Probably not worth the price to have if you have regular plan.

However there are RX companies now that will help you pay your copay amount for certain drugs.  So check on line for all your RX to see if the RX company has a rebate.  I got a credit card from a RX company when I had tried Retasis recently and they allowed me to charge my copay each month on their credit card which they paid.  Saved me over $100 on my copay amount for 3 months.  I had never heard about this prior since I do not take regular drugs but this was a great incentive for me to try Retasis.


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