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I have a child client who has a large medical bill with a hospital that accepts medicaid.  They failed to bill medicaid and have missed there time to do so.  The child client has a sibling who they did file for medicaid benefits. (In other words, it is pretty evident they knew about Medicaid).  I believe they chose to not file because of the large dollar amount and the possibility of recovery from an auto insurance policy.

Isn't the hospital required to bill medicaid?
Are there some sort of penalties for failing to do so?
What are the best steps to take?

Hi David!

In most states if there is an auto accident the bills go through them first then to the health insurance.  Every state is different though and some auto policies may act as primary where others are secondary to health.

So no easy answers.  

I would find out which is primary and which is secondary and go from there.  

Good Luck~


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