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QUESTION: We have medicare B plan in Ohio. I have to get operated  for hysteroctomy how much does it cover?

ANSWER: This depends on if you have a Medicare Advantage plan, Original Medicare and whether or not you have a Medigap or supplemental plan.
And Medicare Part B only pays for the professional services such as the surgeon and anesthesiologist. It does not pay for the facility or hospital.

You really need to talk to the surgeon who will give you this information. Depending on the coverage that you have, they will be able to tell you. I would have no way of determining this as surgeons charge differently in different parts of the country.


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QUESTION: how could we buy medicare supplement or medigap now to cover most expenses?
Approximately ,how much hospital carec will cost?
 I have got one per ent protrusion of the uterus.some are suggesting stapling the uterus is better.
your comments are welcome

You would have to call some of the companies that offer Medigap polices such as AARP for example. I have no way to tell you about hospital costs. You would need to call the hospital but you are definitely looking at thousands of dollars. Don't you have Medicare Part A. Look at your Medicare card and you will see it on there.

Medicare Part B will pay 80% of the approved amount for the surgery. For example, lets say the surgery (surgeon only) charges $2500 for the surgery. Medicare may approve $900. If the surgeon takes "assignment" meaning he or she accepts the approved amount, Medicare will pay the surgeon 80% of the $900, paying $720. That leaves the patient responsible for the $180. The doctor has to write off the difference between the $900 and the $2500. But there are other fees associated with surgery.

I am using these figures as an example. I have no idea what your surgeon charges.  

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