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My mother is 73 years old, American citizen and now a widow but she does not receive any kind of help from the Social Security because she did not work for more than ten 10 years in U.S. and we lived in Mexico for many years because my father was from Mexico. Now I work here and I want to bring my mother back to U.S. What are my options in order I can get a medicaid or any kind of insurance for her?

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I am in Michigan and there is quite a difference in Medicaid regulations in Texas.  So, call
1-800-252-9240 and you will reach the number to call in Texas.  You will get the nearest office to you.  Make an appointment with them and request them  to: 1. run a benefits check up.  2. run a Pathfinder program.  3. check out her health insurance with any applications

Hope this helps.     John

Medicare, Medicaid, Life and Health Insurance

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