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I have been a patient for medical supplies and breathing medications for about 8 years.  Every year I complete and qualify for their financial hardship program.  I also qualify for extra help through Social Security and have also received state assistance in paying my premiums for Part B & D and my deductibles.  Recently the supplier is telling me that it is illegal to write off the medicare deductible and medicare has told me that it is not.  I qualify for the financial and medical hardship programs with the state and federal programs as well as the financial hardship program with the company.  They keep telling me that it is illegal to write it off and I find that very difficult to believe under these circumstances.  Can you help me out with this?  Is there a guideline on when a deductible CAN be written off and if so where can I find it.
Thank you so much for your time in answering questions for us.

Hi Tracy!

Medicare patients are required to fill out hardship waivers and if it is a true hardship using current poverty hardship guidelines then Medicare will allow it.  However a provider has to be careful on not making everyone a hardship.  Hardship waivers should be used sparingly.

I would get a letter from Medicare if you can to give to provider.

Good Luck!

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