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I was downsized in August 2012 and my severance, which came as a paycheck with medical insurance paid, just ended. I called Medicare in March to start my enrollment but I thought I didn't need it until June when my excellent insurance ends. After several letters back and forth to submit my insurance coverage since 2002 when I turned 65, I submitted the required insurance documentation. Then I received a letter denying me part B because I was not "actively" employed. I was shocked as they had never told me this previously. I will get supplement insurance from my company as a retiree starting in June. what should I do? Can I get enrolled in part B now? Should I just rely on my supplemental insurance? Do I need another policy? Very confused.

Hi  Call 1-800-686-1578 and you will reach the nearest office of the  SHIP program in Ohio Call them and make an appointment with a counselor. Bring all the information, and they will, run a benefits checkup and a pathfinder program to determine your choices.

Hope this helps .    John  

Medicare, Medicaid, Life and Health Insurance

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