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QUESTION: Hi Cindy...I've been checking my mother's health insurance deductible. I am her caregiver. My mother has blood testing done every other month. The lab charges $65. According to her Medicare records, Medicare only allows $8.50 as a charge, they pay it. I noticed on her insurance deductible, the insurance company is applying the full $65 to her deductible.Even though, she has never had to pay for the testing. Does the insurance count only what is charge for the test and not what is actually paid? Her doctor bills for $54, each visit, but Medicare only allows $47, which my mother pays. The insurance company is applying the full $55 to her deductible. It appears she's getting credit for what she is billed,and not what she has paid out of pocket. Should I just leave it alone?

ANSWER: Hi John, you sound familiar, I think I might've answered something for you recently.  It sounds to me like your Mom has a high deductible F Plan.  If that is the case, then what you have described is true.  Remember, I can always shop for you to make sure her insurance premium is the best price.  Have a good evening.

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QUESTION: yes, I am the same person. So even if my mother does not pay the bill out of her own pocket, the insurance will count the amount of the bill toward her deductible? If the blood lab bill is $65, and Medicare only allows $8.50, and my mother pays nothing.... the insurance company will still credit her deductible for $65?

Hi John.  Sorry for the delay.  Our first conversation, you typed she has a F+ Medicare Supplement.  I took that to mean it was a high deductible F Plan.  Now I'm very confused based on the scenarios that you've given me.  The only way I can truly help is for you to call me.  Please google me.  Thanks.

If she has a regular F Plan, then she pays 0 copays.  If she has a high deductible F, then she pays 20% up to $2110.  The insurance company should only be counting her out-of-pocket expense.

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