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I am a 50 year old female. I am on disability. I have full dual  Medicare (part A, B, C and D) and Medicaid (Access) and I get extra help from  Pa. State CMS coverage. I took UPMC for you Advantage HMO SNP not original Medicare or Medicaid. I should not have any copay, deductible, Pa. pays my Medicare monthly premium. I had 2 surgery as a inpatient. I received a bill from the hospital charging me a copay for every day I was in there, and I was charged a copay for every Doctor who stepped in my room for my Doctor ( the days he was off ). In addition to that I was charged a Copay for my Doctor even though he was off. The hospital and my insurance company say that Medicaid is giving me these copay. Way !!!!! I have a HMO with 100% coverage. I don't have this kind of money.(I have less then a dollar for food now, and yes that includes food stamps)  Please help this is making me even more sick.

Hi Denise....

Before you pay anything you should call your insurance.carrier and be sure you owe.  I do not know your specific policy and every state has their own rules for their Medicaid programs so only way to ensure you owe you need to call them.

Good luck


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Has your medical insurance company denied your claim and refuses to pay? Have you received a pre-authorization and still your insurance company refuses to pay? How can you get your insurance company to reverse a denied claim? How do you get a provider to waive your copayment if you are financially unable to pay? Can a provider sue you for a unpaid bill and will they? Can a provider send me to a collection agency for a medical bill? If my insurance company does not pay, am I responsible? If you have these questions or others on why your insurance company is not paying your bills, I can help. I can give you "tricks of the trade" to get your insurance company to pay. I have limited knowledge on Medicare and Medicaid and that is not my expertise. Each state is very different regarding Medicare and Medicaid so you need to review their website when you have questions. So please no Medicare or Medicaid questions!!


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