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QUESTION: I would like some online site or someone in our area to be able to help me help my neighbor with some Medicare questions/problems he is having at this time. I will be able to help him with the information that we can find after classes.
Thank you.

ANSWER: Hi Robert.  This is a forum for questions and answers.  If you choose, you can set it to private.  I would be happy to help you as I've been in this field for 13 years and also licensed in NC.  What classes are you speaking of?  What questions do you have?
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QUESTION: Classes are high school.
My neighbor needs some Lymph Edema pumps{?} and he has denied. He also needs compression hose [two pair every 6 months] and he has been denied. He needs to find some BETTER Medicare "add on insurance" because he has to take lots of medications Rx and otc. And they cost a lot of money. We can start with this part of his list.
Thank You.

Ok, first of all - the pumps and hoses can be covered by Medicare or the health plan he might have that takes the place of Medicare, BUT he must get a 'Certificate of Medical Necessity' from his doctor to show the need.  
Secondly, Medicare Open Enrollment is coming up 10/15 and lasts until 12/7.  This is the time that he needs to contact his agent (or find a local agent) and list all his medications to find the best plan that fits his prescription list to cost the least out of pocket.  Whatever he chooses at this time would be effective Jan. 1.
I hope this helps.  Also, may I say, very nice of you to be helping your neighbor.  :)

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