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Hello: My relative passed away in the hospital. She had medicare Part B. From my understanding medicare part B will not pay for her hospital stay. Do you know if we can expect Part B to pay for fees other than the actual hospital room fees, such as diagnostic testing, doctor fees, meals, medications, etc. while she was inpatient?  I would greatly appreciate any information you can provide. Thank you kindly.

Hi Marina

The simple answer to your question is yes.  However, Medicare Part B will only cover a  limited set of ancillary Part B inpatient services specified  in the "Medicare Benefit Policy Manual".  The hospital likely has access to the guidelines necessary for filing this type of claim.  Briefly speaking, all charges cannot be billed to Medicare.  Only the charges that are covered can be filed on an outpatient claim by themselves in order for the claim to process.  The patient will be responsible for all charges not covered by Medicare Part B plus any deductible, copay or coinsurance amounts applied to the charges that are covered.

Hope this helps!

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