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I know you are not a doctor, but since you see a lot of older folks, maybe you have some insight.
I am 56. Not technically old yet, maybe 'senior. Generally my health is pretty good, and I am still working and enjoy it.
Up until I was 50, I was very active playing rec sports, going out with my wife, etc. She is 60 by the way.
Getting into my fifties, I have been having more aches and pains, so I opted out of sports because of fear of injuries, and I am quite content to spend most of my leisure time being a couch potato. My wife is one too, although she does go for coffee with friends.
No grandkids yet (still hoping) to get me more active either. I stretch and do 30 minutes on my elliptical everyday, however.
Does this seem like a normal aging pattern or not? I have no brothers or uncles to compare myself with, and few guys my age at work.
AS long as I am keeping healthy, which I am, I am OK with this. No issues getting through my work day, so I plan to keep going until I am 65 to collect company pension.
Just wanting to know if this is generally how things go for guys. Thanks!

Haha!  You're right - I am neither a Dr. or a guy!  I know people younger than you who have more health problems and people older than you that can ride a bike 100 miles every weekend.  So every one is different, we are mortal.  Check with your doc to see if all your vitals are within normal ranges and make adjustments if you need to.  Most of all - do what you enjoy - life is good!

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