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QUESTION: In your opinion, is having VA Medical Care and Medicare Part B sufficient insurance. Any tips will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

ANSWER: Hi Sallie

I think that having VA Medical Care and Medicare Part B is sufficient insurance and here is why.  If most of your medical care is provided by the VA or at an authorized provider then your VA benefits will cover.  If you choose to visit an unauthorized provider,you would use your Medicare Part B benefits.  Just be aware that you will have a copay with your Medicare Part B.  

It would be beneficial to coordinate your care with the VA to ensure that you don't have to pay a lot of money in out of pocket expenses. If you think that you will be using your Medicare Part B frequently, then you should consider purchasing a supplemental policy.

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QUESTION: I am sorry, I meant, in your opinion, is having VA Medical Care and Medicare Part A sufficient insurance.  Any tips will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Oh, that's okay. This scenario is a little different. Part A only covers hospital admissions. It could be sufficient with VA benefits but I recommend that you don't seek treatment outside of the VA or VA authorized providers. If you do be prepared to pay out of pocket for any expenses you incur. Also, if you are on vacation or go out of town you are allowed to use VA benefits in an emergency. Be sure to contact you caseworker to notify them within 24 hours so they can approve the services.

Now if you want to choose your own doctor you would need to purchase Medicare Part B and possibly a supplemental policy.  

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